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Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac and new Cognac & fruits liqueurs

12 September 2010 One Comment

Merlet now introduces their first own Cognac-label, named Merlet Brothers Blend. Since 1850 they where only selling Eaux-de-vie to the big brands.

This Cognac is for us a return to our roots. As a matter of fact we are talking about our historical first activity as Merlet has been producing Cognac “Eaux-de-Vies” since 1850 and five generations. Having so far distilled for the major merchants, we can finally bottle under our own label today. Gilles Merlet created Brothers Blend to be the reflexion of his two sons, Pierre and Luc, who joined the family run business to back him.
Brothers Blend results from the marriage of several “Eaux-de-Vies” aged from 4 to 12 years old. Gourmand and delicate, this a Cognac to be enjoyed without any complex, delicious over ice.

Information about the brand new Merlet C²: Cognac & fruits liqueurs

Merlet C², Cognac & fruits liqueurs, combine the Distillerie Merlet different know-how, distillers and liqueurs producers. Cognacs from the family pot stills are married with natural home-made fruits infusions. C² is named after the initials of its components in French : Cognac with “Cassis” (blackcurrant) or “Citron” (lemon and lime), so CxC=C². This is the symbol of this liqueur’s profile which is not only an addition of ingredients but a real multiplication of flavours.
33% ABV, C² Cassis & Cognac and C² Citron & Cognac are excellent served with ice.

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