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Louis XIII Tres Vieille Age Inconnu – Carafe #10

11 June 2012 6 Comments

Awesome! A reader just send us photo’s of the Louis XIII Tres Vieille Age Inconnu (in English: Age Unknown) with carafe number 10, and he is looking for a buyer!

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!


Name of bottle: E. Remy Martin & Co. Cognac, Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu

Written on labels: Decanter #10, Made in France by Baccarat, E. Remy Martin & Co. Cognac, Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu, Decanter #10, Made in France by Baccarat…

Story: This Ultra Rare and Exclusive bottle of E. Remy Martin & Co. Cognac, Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu, was gifted to the owners grandfather. It is in his possession and back in Europe, where it belongs…

This item is as close to priceless as it comes and is truly one of a kind, never to be made again. It will never decrease in value and will only appreciate further in value with future aging. Decanter #718 was offered at $70,000.00USD by the Rémy Martin itself at the DFS Master of Spirits in March of 2011. So, what do you possibly think that Decanter # 10, yes I said #10, will go for?

So if you are a true connoisseur of the World’s Finest Cognac Available or A Collector of Ultra Rare Antiquities, please make a genuine offer below or post your email-address so the owner is able to contact you.

Note from the owner: If you’re reading this, chances are you already know what it is worth and so do I. So, please keep these things in mind when making your inquiry to keep from wasting either of our times with unwarranted solicitations regarding this Picasso of Cognac’s. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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  • Martin said:

    I own bottle numbered 333 from 1950-60`s MID BACCARAT era. It`s rare and apreciatted in Europe. Specially England habitants value it. I would trade it for a gold rolex (either yatch master, day-date or gmt master) or a pink gold cartier Calibre or Ballon Bleu… Good Luck! mfuentesm2003@yahoo.com.mx

  • C. Martin said:

    Hello again,

    I was unaware when I posted in June that you could post your email address here. Please contact me at the following email address if you have further interest in the purchase of my Louis XIII Tres Vieille Age Inconnu – Carafe #10. I am entertaining offers, so please submit yours. I have been really having a hard time though lately… My wife’s wishes are to sell this; I have been having the crazy notion of just drinking it, lol!

    If I do, I plan to put it on the internet and make some sort of special occasion of it!


    Best regards,

    C. Martin, Director

  • Danielle said:

    I have a decanter since 1950 No. 74, never see daylignt, or been open.
    it is for sale.
    Remy Martin évaluate it in 1994.

    Know im readdy to sell.

  • Danielle said:

    Contact me.

  • Michael said:

    The number on the carafe is no indication of age because Remy Martin restarted the numbering sequence each year. The No.10 bottle pictured above is a mid 1950s bottle because it has a Baccarat Logo. I have bottles both without the Baccarat Logo (Pre-1950) and even one from before it had the word “Baccarat” engraved under the bottle (Just a Baccarat paper sticker) That bottle is probably from 1934.
    I have a late 1950s bottle with number 30 and 1939 bottles with number 26 & 42 but also an “Age Inconnu” with number 832 from 1962.

    Without a box and stopper that bottle is worth only $1,500-$1,600.
    A 1950s bottle in good condition (no broken fins, good level) with matching stopper and a nice presentation case (Typically green velvet in the 1950s) may be worth $2,500.

  • C. Martin said:

    For the record… 698, 699, 785, 817

    Price : £ 7.650 Pounds Sterling


    Michael, is this your site? If so very informative, if not it is a good guide!


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