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Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 Video and HD Photo’s

22 June 2013 No Comment

The one hundred year journey is now approaching its glorious conclusion. The precious spirit that will be Louis XIII has entered its final phase of refinement, in the ancient casks that we call tierçons. The cellar master is watching for that moment when the spirit will touch its state of perfection.

It is at this point, just occasionally, that the cellar master may discover an extraordinary exception – one tierçon among hundreds with a richness and intensity that is unique to that one cask. No one knows what brings about this difference, and no one can say where or when another such cask might be found. In the history of Louis Xiii, it has happened only once before. Now by the grace of Nature, we have another. Its name is LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6.

The story begins, as it begins for all Louis Xiii, in the elite chalk-rich vineyard of Grande Champagne where the Ugni Blanc vine grows to perfection under the gentle caress of the Charente climate. Only the best of these grapes and the best of their spirits are chosen for the 100-year journey ahead.

Then the story unfolds under the care of successive cellar masters, each in their turn watching, tasting and blending, working with infinite patience to draw forth the supreme richness and complexity that is the eternal profile of Louis XIII.
Why among so many casks should one just occasionally display the spontaneous distinction of a Rare Cask? The precise cause is entirely mysterious. But we can be sure that the exception does spring in some fashion from the uncompromising tradition that is the making of Louis Xiii. We can be sure too that there would be no Rare Cask without the extraordinary sensibilities of Louis Xiii cellar master – a rare person with the gift to detect the exception when Nature sees fit to present it.

Pierrette Trichet is the fourth in a succession of the House of Rémy Martin cellar masters that commenced with founder and chairman André Renaud. Each in their turn has played their part in the century that made this Rare Cask – from the selection of the first young eaux-de-vie through patient decades of expert observation and blending that eventually married more than 1,200 eaux-de-vie.
Rare Cask is in many ways Pierrette Trichet’s tribute to these predecessors – the jewel in the crown of the Louis Xiii legend that each cellar master has worked to create.

Events that defy rational explanation should be approached with special caution. So it was that Pierrette Trichet waited a further two and a half years before formally confirming her discovery. No two tierçons are ever quite the same size, and this Rare Cask is one of the smaller ones: sufficient for just 738 decanters.
Like the first Rare Cask 43,8, this one signalled its distinction with a small but significant increase in alcohol, beyond the expected 40 per cent. The level in this case was 42,6 per cent. It was a tasting in early 2012, in the company of her deputy Baptiste Loiseau, that marked the formal end of the journey.
The spirit in the cask had touched its point of perfect balance. It was time now to write a new page in the history of Louis Xiii. LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 was born.

Louis Xiii is a blend of fully 1,200 eaux-de-vie, 100 years in the making. The reward is a cognac of truly extraordinary aromatic richness and complexity, with a multitude of long-aged nuances that no person can fully decipher at a single encounter.
Every tasting is a fresh adventure. LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 celebrates these delights and more, with salient aromas that are unique to this one precious cask – notes
of plums and dates, mingling with flavours of gingerbread, prune stone and ginger, punctuated by a final touch of tobacco leaf. To taste this Rare Cask is a supreme privilege that will transport you to the very limits of your imagination.

Precious black crystal is Rare Cask’s signature, expressed in a decanter that tests the skill of Baccarat’s crystal masters to the very limit of their craft. Twenty craftsmen must work together on each decanter, meanwhile executing the most challenging colour that the art of crystal can aspire to. The precious metal that defines LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 is rose gold, in brightly sensual contrast to the dark opulence of black crystal. A rose gold decor dresses the neck of the decanter with a delicate decoration of quadrilobe motifs, crowned by a black crystal stopper that the coffret presents like a precious jewel. The coffret itself is sealed with a gilded rose gold plaque, and opens to a sparkling display of light on the crystal details within. There will never be more than 738 decanters of Rare Cask 42,6, and each will be serial numbered.
To possess one such decanter is a privilege beyond all reckoning.

LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 – all decanters will be serial numbered from 001 to 738, available from LOUIS XIII certified retailers,
best palaces, hotels and restaurants (LOUIS XIII Fortress network). Suggested retail price, 18 000 €. LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 – also available by the glass at best
palaces, hotels and restaurants (LOUIS XIII Fortress network). Suggested retail price, 1 800 €.


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