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Louis XIII Cognac Design-Set by Christophe Pillet

17 November 2009 13 Comments

Remy-Martin Louis-XIII-Christophe-PilletFrench designer Christophe Pillet has designed a contemporary set to accompany Remy Martin’s top class cognac Louis XIII. This collaboration is, according to Remy Martin, a way to pay homage to the heritage and artistry of the high-quality cognac.

Pillet is well known as a furniture designer and has worked with Philippe Starck and brands like Zanotta, Cappellini, Tacchini and Pallucco.

The collaboration between Christophe Pillet and Louis XIII is a result of a program initiated by Remy Martin to support visionary artists from the world of art, design, photography and architecture. Earlier collaborations include the artist Louis Bourgeoise and the architect Dror.

Remy Martin Pillet Christophe Pillet Designs Louis XIII Cognac SetLouis XIII is made from 1200 different “eaux de vie” (fermented and distilled grape juice from Grande Champagne region in Cognac) aged anywhere between 40-100 years and perfectly blended that go into making each bottle of Louis XIII.

The Louis XIII you drink now was blended in 1960 with eaux de vie that had already aged for over 40 years before that.

The new tableware collection includes a crystal glass, a silver serving platter, a crystal candleholder and a display case all of which has been designed to complement the iconic Louis XIII Baccarat decanter.

Louis XIII Christophe Pillet Christophe Pillet Designs Louis XIII Cognac Set: The collection is limited edition and will be offered to Rémy Martin’s established customers first.

Remy-Martin Louis-XIII-PilletLouis-XIII-Christophe-Pillet

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  • louis-nguyen said:

    I want order 2 botle of Louis xiii ,Remymartin

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  • sharon crafton said:

    Gave my husband Louis XIII set for his 60th birthday………what a surprise. However, we need the crystal snifters, where can I purchase these?

  • Simon said:

    Does anyone know how much the display case is and where I might be able to purchase one.Cheers Simon

  • Simon said:

    This is the reply I had from Remy Martin.

    Thank you for your interest in Rémy Martin.

    Unfortunately we do not supply the Christophe Pillet Louis XIII display case to consumers. These are only supplied to a handful of our distributors of Louis XIII.

    We apologise for not being able to help you further.

    Yours sincerely, Rémy Martin Consumer Service

    I’ve also spoken to a collector and they have said that because it is designed by christophe pillet
    you probably won’t get one under a £1000 if you can get one at all.

  • Theresa Nastasia said:

    My boss is very interested in purchasing the glasses to this set, if they are still available somewhere. Can you please help me find them? If they are available, can you tell me the cost?

    Thank you,

  • mike said:

    Hi.I do have a set of 6 glasses.if anyone interested contact me.thanks

  • mike said:


  • Marquez said:

    I have a set of 6 glasses .and A tray if any one is instresed . Contact quezgaston5@gmail.com in box eveything rap and new . Thank u

  • Rick said:

    I have set of 2 crystal glasses in box for sale. Please email me for details. cortefiel@aol.com.

    Thank you.

  • Sach said:

    I have a 4 Christopher Pillet Louis XIII glasses, brand new!!! And Louis Martin Louis XIII “Spear”
    Both for sale, contact me if interested, sachinmayer@yahoo.com

  • Elizabeth said:

    I have two new Christophe Pillet Louis XIII Remy Martin glasses in burgundy display box for sale. Email me if interested: cabgrape@gmail.com

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