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Léopold Gourmel – Bio Cognac

25 May 2010 2 Comments

Gourmel is the creator of this new cognac category and aims to set a benchmark in terms of naturally-produced cognac. BIO Attitude received an approval from ECOCERT, France’s organic certification agency, on the full process from the vineyard, wine cellar, distillation and aging to bottling.

Gourmel’s process completely excludes the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, other than natural ones; in effect a return to the way cognac was made centuries ago before the advent of the machine age.

Gourmel’s objective is to develop micro organic activity in the soil with green fertilizer, natural predators, and compost all working together. BIO Attitude is a young, refreshing cognac with a hue of cherry flowers during the April blossom. The delicate fresh notes offer a lingering finish of vanilla and fresh nuts.

Since its creation in 1972, Léopold Gourmel has chosen to respect the natural link between the roots and the bottle, and offers a non-standardized product; in their words, a cognac that is “alive”. BIO Attitude is a fitting extension of this admirable philosophy.

Gourmel’s vineyards maintain deep roots revealing a vertical minerality, absolute respect of each vintage, careful selection of extra fine grain un-toasted French oak casks, and absolutely no additives or artificial coloring. The BIO Attitude bottling is priced at $59.99 per 750 ml.

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  • lesley said:

    Is it possible to buy this stuff in the UK or buy online not US as customs too much. I had to travel to Paris to buy some adn bring back with me but I want to buy over here in Uk if poss.Any help appreciated.

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