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Kosher Cognac – Complete list of Kosher Cognacs

13 May 2012 2 Comments

Kosher Cognac is grape liquor produced according to Judaism’s religious law, specifically, Jewish dietary laws (kashrut).
To become considered as kosher, Sabbath-observant Jews must be involved in the entire winemaking process and any ingredients used, including finings, must be kosher. Cognac or wine that is described as “kosher for Passover” must have been kept free from contact with grain, bread and dough.

We browsed the internet to find out the Cognacs which are kosher certified, see the list below!


Kosher Cognacs:

  • Dupuy Cognac VSOP
  • Dupuy Cognac XO
  • Godet Kosher Cognac XO Excellence
  • Godet Kosher Cognac XO Extra Old
  • Louis Royer Cognac VS
  • Louis Royer Cognac VSOP
  • Louis Royer Cognac XO
  • Montaigne Cognac VS
  • Montaigne Cognac Napoleon

All foods, wines, alcohol and beverages that are kosher certified are marked with the symbol OU, and for those that are okay to have during Passover are marked OU-P.

Kosher Cognac should not come into contact with animal products. Any agitation with a non-kosher product should be avoided during the production. Only the supervising rabbi and Jewish laborers are allowed to touch the wine/grapes or Cognac from the moment the grape-skin breaks.

The vines should not be fertilized, at least not with animal manure, and the vineyard must lie fallow every seventh year. Then should not be harvested. The grape variety is not important for the rules.

A tenth of the wine in ancient times had given away to the Temple in Jerusalem. Now one bottle in a hundred bottles should be given away as a reminder of that obligation.

With input of our readers and information from the business we try to keep the list of Kosher Cognacs as up-to-date as possible. If you have any thoughts or information on this subject, please let us know!

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  • Godet XO | Cognac Wiki for the best VS, VSOP and XO Cognacs reviews said:

    […] This Cognac is also available in a Kosher version! […]

  • Tova said:

    In regards to grape juice products:
    Rules of 7th year and giving tithe only apply to grapes grown in Israel.
    Wines that aren’t marked “mevushal” in addition to the Kosher certification:
    The bottle must be opened and poured by a Jew. Once the bottle is opened it can’t be touched by a non Jew, according to some even gazed upon.
    Non-Jews, don’t take it personally. Traditions must be kept…

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