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Interview with Bernard Hine

10 February 2013 No Comment

Bernhard-HineSpirits Business had a interesting interview with Bernard Hine about vintage Cognacs, shooting wild boars, gardening, export to China and his most favorite memory.

It’s nearly 50 years since Bernard Hine joined the family business – 50 years of tasting, blending and living Cognac, not to mention hunting, gardening – and DIY. He spoke to Richard Woodard.

We’re in the chair, Bernard, so what’ll you have?
For me, Cognac and ginger ale – dry ginger ale, because ginger is a great complement to aged Cognac. And using H by Hine: the best elements are the floral and fruity elements, and the ginger on top will give it age and balance, and that’s exactly what you need. Sometimes maybe a sprig of mint and a couple of ice cubes.

Read the entire article on Spirits Business!

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