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How to store Cognac?

29 January 2012 One Comment

How do I store a cognac bottle?  In this article we will tell you the answer on this and some more questions!

Cognac does not age once bottled, unlike wine, which ripens further in the bottle, Cognac is an ‘dead-beverage’ because it’s high alcohol content, storing a bottle for 100 years will not make it any older, the contents will remain the same age as they were put in the bottle.


Best way to store my cognac bottle? 

Find a dark, dry area where you can keep your cognac bottles at a constant and temperature, best is below room-temparature, and place the Cognac bottle’s upright in order to prevent the cognac will leak through the cork.

A cellar normally ensures that the temperature remains fairly constant, and that the bottle is not exposed to any sunlight.

If rightly stored, an Cognac could be kept over 200 years!

If you open a bottle of cognac, how long will it keep?

Opened bottles of cognac should ideally be stored no longer than six months, but a half-full bottle of cognac is maintainable for about 3 years. Once the opened cognac is in contact with air it will gradually deteriorate and evaporate.  The more air in the bottle the faster this process will happen.
Place the cork back in the bottle as soon as possible after pouring cognac, since an open bottle will lead to the cognac’s evaporation over time.
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