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Hennessy XO

10 March 2010 13 Comments

The Henny (Hennessy) XO is composed of more than one hundred different eaux-de-vie from ten to seventy years old.

The XO quality was developed in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy.
Originally exclusive to his own family, but soon thereafter for the international market. And with great success!

The bottle is inferior in design compared to the Remy Martin XO, the bottle has nice designs of vine leaves and grape bunches.
In comparing to the Rémy Martin XO this Hennessy is slightly sharper and more masculine in the mouth.

The tasting notes of Hennessy XO are:

The color: quite deep, now colored with bright core, ocher-colored border.
The nose: lively, subtle, elegant, ripe fruit, spices, soft wood tones and a slight smell of alcohol.
The taste: balanced and complex in the mouth with soft fruit and lightly toasted wood.
The after-taste: strong in taste, still hanging long on average.
The origin: unknown.
The age: The average age is 45 years.
Price: about $100, —

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  • louis-nguyen said:

    I want to get Hennessy VSOP and XO for export to Asia

  • Johan said:

    Too much cinnamon flavor. Excess male sweat. Very well-balanced. But do you like macho cognac I recommend instead Remy XO.

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  • henry said:

    How can you tell how old a bottle of Hennessy XO is, and how much it worths.Do the letters and numbers at the bottom of the bottle meant anything?
    Information on the subject will be much appreciated.

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  • fastpoose said:

    A nice cognac, but I prefer the Courvoisier XO, the creme brulee nose/palate in the Courvoisier is what clinches it for me!

  • Mick in Sydney said:

    Like Henry, I also have a bottle of Hennessy XO and I am trying to find the age. I was given it by someone 10 years ago who was a non-drinker and was given it by someone else 30-40 years earlier who had also kept it for some time. Can anyone help?

  • gary said:

    I have a bottle of x.o. that was given to me about 30 years ago. The age of it is not known,how do you find out how old it is?It has letters on the bottom and the seal is still intact. The gentleman that gave it to me had it for about 20 years before me. Any help would be of great help. thank you

  • Wouter (author) said:


    Please submit your bottle here: http://www.cognacfans.com/contact/submit-your-cognac-bottle/


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  • MAO said:

    Looking for Hennessy XO Vintage Version in Red Packing, 500 bottles, no matter of the bottle volume.

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