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Hennessy XO 4th Exclusive Collection – Odyssey

12 January 2011 3 Comments

It is a tradition to launch a limited edition at the beginning of a new year. It started as a one off launch in 2007 but the resultant success has made the company do it again and again in the subsequent years. Now the market expects the company to design a limited edition every year.

Keeping up the tradition as per the market expectation Hennessy X.O has launched an exclusive collection which has been named “Odyssey”. This is the fourth edition of the series of limited editions launched by Hennessy X.O. Over the years the stress on the design of the bottle has increased. This year, Arik Levy was invited to design the bottle. Apparently the rock formations that figure prominently in his work inspired him to come up with the final design.

It is not just the bottle but the content has also been specially blended for the Odyssey. The repeated success of their limited edition launches have made them eager for more successful launches and Hennessy leaves no stone unturned to make the limited edition perfect in every way.

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