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Hennessy VS Specials – Don Henny

12 March 2012 2 Comments
This article is written by Don Henny, he describes perfectly the Hennessy VS Specials of the recent years! Thanks so much to him!


So to Start, I have chosen the normal VS bottle as we know it today. I have  it from 3cl up to 1.5L
Back in the days they called it *** Bras Armé, today known as Very Special ‘VS’


VS OBAMA : In 2009, a limited edition bottle of Hennessy VS was released in honor of the inauguration of Barack Obamas 44th president of the United States of America. The bottle featured a black label with gold lettering. Also, the circle seal towards the base of the neck featured a large 44, the phrase “In Honor of the 44th President” and the date of President Obama’s inauguration.

These Bottles came in 1L & 750cl, Limited to 250.000 copies worldwide


VS No 1 2009 Artists Kesh and David Burrows


VS KAWS 2011 New York graffiti artist KAWS design, limited to 420.000 copies worldwide.
Now a European version is released in Novermber 2011, only 213 bottles are made which make this a unique bottle & it has a different look!


VS BOA 2010 Blending of Art (5 different bottles from artists)
Five  VS Cognac bottle designs through their Art of Blending program. The program that paired 5 musicians with 5 artists to reinterpret the iconic bottle. Who designed what? From left to right: Questlove and artist Aerosyn-Lex, A-Trak together with designer Dust La Rock, Steve Aoki and graphic artist Laundry aka PJ Richardson, Kid Sister with graffiti artist Fafi, and finally A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip with Spaceknuckle.


VS CLASSIVM Made only for Asian market ‘chinese release’ 2011


Historic Limited Edition

With a deep-rooted heritage, Hennessy paid homage to its famous V.S cognac with the release of Historic Limited Edition Hennessy V.S. The unique design combines the iconic shape of the V.S bottle with the graphical elements of the original 1865 label of Trois Etoiles (Three Stars) Cognac-the name under which V.S was first known.


VS HARD BLACK FLASK  COVER  Hennessy made a Hard Black Plastik flask sleeve 20cl, to protect your bottle.


VS COLOUR FLASK SLEEVE As far as I know 8 diffiernt colour sleeves where made in these 20cl bottles On the internet you can find all sorts of colours in these sleeves.
This was released in 4 dark colours & 4 bright ones


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  • Don Henny said:

    HENNESSY CLASSIUM. Firstly, it is a collection of different and specific Hennessy Very Special. The shape of the bottle is the same but the glass is different as composed of clusters and vines in relief.
    In addition, Hennessy CLASSIUM is fairly standard in the development. Indeed, it is in the assembly of eaux-de-vie fruity character brought to optimum maturity in oak barrels for Very Special as well as
    selection favoring eaux-de-vie in fresh spiciness that really does not represent our quality Very Special.
    However, Hennessy CLASSIUM remains exclusively distributed in China, to the attention of a young urban generation may enter the luxury of an exceptional product.

  • Dustin Puscar said:

    Good presentation my boy! Noone has the mad class that you do! 100!

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