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Hennessy VS Cognac Collectors Edition No. 01

18 December 2009 20 Comments

Hennessy-VS-cognac-Collectors-edition-No-01The Hennessy VS cognac Collectors Edition was developed because of the importance of the assembly (blending) of the Cognac.
It an art to make every time a consistent taste and quality available.
Hennessy wanted to combine the blending with the blending of art.

This limited edition VS cognac, will be available for the normal price of the Hennessy VS.
Artists Kesh and David Burrows have made this first edition of Hennessy.
The idea is to bring each year, a new special limited edition of the Art of Blending on the market.

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  • Bob Taylor said:

    Recently I was given a bottle of Hennessy,Purchased in 1944 to celebrate the end of the war. The purchaser never made it.His friend gave the bottle(seal still unbroken)to me 12-27-2009. My question is. Is this worth anything other than a drinkable? bottle of cognac?

  • admin said:


    Your bottle of Cognac is a real special bottle of Cognac!

    The price is difficult to say, because it has an emotional worth.

    A bottle Hennessy VS around that age would be around 100 dollars on Ebay.

    Cognac will always be drinkable as it doesn’t age or change in a closed/sealed bottle.

  • Randy Padilla said:

    Where can I purchase this bottle. I can’t find it at any store.

  • mike shaw said:

    anyone know what a bottle of courvoisier cognac is worh?.

  • John O'Sullivan said:

    It depends on the quality of Courvoisier Cognac!

    Is it VS, VSOP, XO etc?

  • mike shaw said:

    thanks to john o;sulivan the courvoisier is luxe 3 star thats all i know thanks again hope you can help. best regards mike shaw.

  • John O'Sullivan said:

    The 3 star is the cheapest Courvoisier available, this bottle is sold for about 20 dollars in the local liquor store…

    It may be worth more when it is a vintage bottle…

  • mike shaw said:

    thanks john. mike

  • Raj said:

    I have a 1954, Intact, Sealed and Produced in France, Bottle of Hennessey V. S. inherited from my dad’s collection. What would it be worth today? Can anyone help me with any buyers?

  • Victoria said:

    I inherited a vintage bottle of Cordon Noir Napoleon by Martell. I did a little research and know it’s from the 70’s which makes sense since mr grandfather was stationed there then. It is still sealed and has the box which is number which I was told tells what number bottle it is. Supposedly there are only a certain amount ever made. Does anyone know anything about this and what it might be worth?

  • Wouter (author) said:

    Hi Victoria, I think it is about 40 euro’s worth. The Cordon Noir Napoleon is not that special…

    The box and the number are more interested, could you please place the photo on the forum: http://www.cognacfans.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=4

  • Cheryl Kirchgessner said:


    I have a bottle of Cognac from the Sailing Collection. Can you tell me the value please?

    Sincewrest Regards, Cheryl Kirchgessner

  • Cheryl Kirchgessner said:


    I have a bottle of Cognac from the Sailing Collection. Can you please tell me the value?

    Sincerest Regards, Cheryl Kirchgessner

  • Tess Harvard said:

    Hi, I have a bottle of Elie Arnaud Denoix, (19500 Colliongers LaRouge). I have had it for 15 years. It is in the original bottle, wire bound with hand written insert in the box. It is a black box with gold lettering. Can anyone give me an idea of the worth of this bottle?

    Thank you

  • Tess Harvard said:

    OOps, ity is XO Collection sorry, forgot to put it in

  • Byrd Oliphant said:

    I have a 1970 bottle of Hennessy Bras D’Or Napoleon and Its sealed and inside its original box. Question is how many bottles were made and is my bottle worth anything special?

  • annalisa said:

    Salve. possiedo una bottiglia di Hennessy cognac dei primi anni 70 da 1,5 lt. potrei sapere quanto vale?

  • Nolan said:

    I have a unopened bottle of Vieux Cognac 1878 J.V.Caillette. Is it worth anything? Would anyone be interested in buying it?

  • rocco said:

    sono in possesso di una bottiglia 1979 paradise extra baccarat rarissima pou dirmi cosa vale ??

  • Don Henny said:

    If you have Hennessy bottles for sale Please contact me @

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