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Hennessy Privé – Special Edition Asia 2009

7 July 2011 15 Comments

Hennessy unveiled in 2009 a new Cognac, the Hennessy Privé, via DFS at Singapore Changi Airport. Changi was the first airport in Asia to launch the new line.

Described as “an emblematic Cognac of great distinction”, Hennessy Privé was created by Master Blender Yann Fillioux as a tribute to James Hennessy, former head of the family firm.Using eaux-de-vie aged in young oak casks, Fillioux has created a Cognac that is described as round and refined, structured and velvety with delicate notes of crystallised fruit. Hennessy Privé should be drunk neat to appreciate the richness of the product, the company said.

Hennessy Privé is presented in an Art Deco crocodile leather style gift box.


An individual of wealth and authority, James Hennessy was equally a generous man who enjoyed inviting members of the intelligentsia to his home in Cognac where he would initiate them in the very finest cognacs.

In 1920, James Hennessy had a “very private” cognac specially blended to honour his friends among the elites of the day. He requested the Hennessy Master Blender Alfred Fillioux to create a cognac that would be both structured and elegant, to reflect the values of Art Deco.

A century later, Hennessy has revived this tradition. Alfred Fillioux’s descendant, Yann Fillioux, has composed Hennessy Privé, a fine tribute to James Hennessy and an enduring cognac for the elite of the twenty-first century.


To create Hennessy Privé, the Master Blender has selected remarkable old “eaux-de-vie” which he has aged in young oak casks, to reinforce their strength.

The result is an emblematic cognac of great distinction for true connoisseurs. A masterpiece of balance: round and refined, structured and velvety with delicate notes of crystallized fruit. To appreciate its full richness Hennessy Privé should be drunk neat.

With its elegant decanter, presented in an Art Deco crocodile leather style gift box, Hennessy Privé is an elite cognac for the most discerning palates.

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  • Stephanie said:

    Hello, I recently bought a bottle of Hennessy Prive in duty free in Asia, quite expensive, but can,t seem to find a retail price to see if I paid to much? Can you help direct me as to where I might find this information.

  • jacky said:

    forgot what price i bought this 1920 james hennessy cognac bottle,
    would you pls update on the price. tks

  • Kelton said:

    Can I find this bottle in the Duty Free Dubai Airport?

  • david said:

    j’en ai une à vendre, faites moi une offre.

  • Don Henny said:

    @ David, do you still have it? I have already a few Privé bottle. but if the price is fair I will buy it, let me know.

  • david said:

    Je vous laisse la bouteille à 200 euros.

  • Robert said:

    Saw a bottle of Hennessy Prive in LAX DSF for US$420.00

  • Don Henny said:

    @ David contact me, i’ll buy it

  • Don Henny said:

    Privé around 200euro

  • Nicolas said:

    i also would like to purchase a bottle of Prive.

  • Nicolas said:

    I live in NYC, can anybody help with me finding a bottle for my collection

  • Don Henny said:

    Hi, If your looking for Hennessy… White,Black,XO,Bras d’Or, Napoleon,Kenzo,Privé,Choice,Jimmy or Old types & limited editions or whatever contact me I’m selling a part of my Hennessy stock & double bottles I have in my collection.
    Also If you have Hennessy bottles for sale please let me know, I’m always searching for new&old bottles I don’t have in my collection!
    You can also check me on Facebook
    “Don Henny”

  • Frank said:

    I’ve a bottle, unwanted and would sell if anyone wants it

  • Ken said:

    Was in Tenerife (canari islands, Spain) recently, and found the Hennessy prive there to €250.- in the taxfree..!

  • Don Henny said:

    If you have Hennessy bottles for sale, or your looking for some send me a message.I have a lot of doubel bottles for sale/trade

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