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Hennessy launches the Paradis Impérial only at Heinemann Frankfurt

6 July 2011 One Comment

The Paradis Impérial cognac will be exclusively available through Heinemann Duty Free at Frankfurt airport terminal 1B until the end of August

Hennessy has announced the exclusive launch of its new Paradis Impérial cognac with travel retailer Gebr Heinemann in the Heinemann Duty Free shop at Frankfurt airport terminal 1B. The product will be available on the Heinemann’s Choice stages until the end of August before being rolled out to other markets in September.

Paradis Impérial was blended by Hennessy‘s master blender Yann Fillioux, who selected rare eaux-de vie from the 19th and 20th centuries. A new decanter crowned with a crystal cabochon and 18-carat gold-plated label was also created.

Gebr Heinemann director purchase liquor, tobacco and confectionery Rüdiger Stelkens said: “We aim to present customers with exclusive highlights and surprising campaigns on the Heinemann’s Choice stages. In keeping with our slogan ‘It has to be Heinemann’, we want to give travellers something they won’t find at any other airport. Paradis Impérial is perfectly suited to this ambition and the extraordinary cognac will be available at the Heinemann Duty Free shop for €1,800 [$2,580].”

Moët Hennessy key account director Germany Petra Nagel added: “We at Moët Hennessy are delighted to have Gebr Heinemann as a partner in this exclusive European premiere of Paradis Impérial. The Heinemann Choice stage in Frankfurt is an excellent platform to highlight our new Hennessy cognac. We look forward to working on future programmes with Gebr Heinemann.”

The heritage of Hennessy Paradis Impérial

The roots of Hennessy Paradis Impérial date back to the early 19th Century. On 24 December 1818, the Dowager Empress of Russia sent an order for rare Cognac to the Hennessy family, requesting them to prepare a unique blend – a gift from the Dowager Empress to her son, Tsar Alexander I. The Dowager Empress specified that she wished to receive a Cognac of “excellent, very old, gold-coloured eau-de-vie of the very finest quality”.

Nearly 200 years on, Hennessy says it is paying tribute to that first delivery, reviving a two-centuries-old gifting tradition by recreating a unique blend of rarity and quality.

The Cognac was blended by Hennessy’s Master Blender Yann Fillioux, who selected rare eaux-de vie from the 19th and 20th Centuries. Inspired by Paradis and its definition of elegance, Paradis Impérial is said to represent a marriage of the most delicate eaux-de-vie in Hennessy’s reserve. The blend in the secret recipe is described as “the crowning achievement of generations of genius in the Fillioux family”.

“This Cognac is the fruit of generations of talent,” said Master Blender Yann Fillioux. “I inherited outstanding selections of eaux-de-vie produced by previous generations of my family, and I blended them. The men were able to predict that these would become exceptional eaux-de-vie, and they knew how to age and protect them. This Cognac is their creation.”

The decanter, designed by Stéphanie Balini, is a new faceted vessel crowned with a crystal cabochon and features an 18ct gold-plated label evoking the costumes of the Imperial Court.

“Both statuesque and majestic, this decanter naturally evokes the splendour of the Imperial Court,” said Balini. Each decanter is unique and numbered.

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