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Harveys Frapin 1943 Cognac (Landed 1965, bottled 1972)

4 November 2012 One Comment

A reader send us a vintage Harveys Frapin Cognac from 1943! So this Cognac is harvested and distilled in the WWII. According the label, this Cognac is aged (in oak barrels) for 22 years in France (till 1965), after this period the barrel is being shipped to Great-Britain, where it aged  another 7 years in Bristol warehouses before it was being bottled.

What about the “70 Proof”? 40% abv is 80 proof in the US and 70 proof in the UK. However, since 1980, alcoholic proof in the UK has been replaced by abv as a measure of alcohol content. This bottle is being bottled in the UK before 1980, so it uses the UK Proof System.



Name of bottle: Harveys Frapin 1943 Cognac

Written on labels: Grande Champagne Cognac, Frapin Vintage 1943, Landed 1963, Bottled 1972, 70 Proof, Imported & Bottled by Harvey and Sons Limited

Story: Given to the owner as a Christening present in 1972

Value: around the 500 euro.


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  • Herluf Brage said:

    Half bottle 161 yars old cognac
    MEUKOW 1842

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