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H2O Hennessy by 5.5 Designers

21 December 2009 One Comment

Designed for Hennessy by 5.5 Designers, the glass drop that holds water can be frozen time and again has a lighter cooling effect on the cognac’s aroma and brings out the flavour at just the right temperature. It will cool your cognac without diluting it.

Hennessy also introduces a water purifier. It is a filtering decanter that is composed of two elements. The filter holder funnels tap water into the decanter, so that water accompanying the cognac is at its purest.

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  • admin said:

    Eternal Ice Drop for Hennessey is said to be on sale starting April 2010.
    At this point, all we can do is admire the design and see how cognac drinkers will react when it goes on sale this coming April.

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