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Grönstedts Noël 2012 XO – Christmas Cognac

8 December 2012 No Comment

It is the seventh consecutive year that Grönstedts makes a special Christmas-Cognac which is called Grönstedts Noël 2012 XO.

Like the other years this Cognac has been made of the regular Grönstedts XO, but also with parts of last year’s Noël and some other eaux-de-vie.

Basically it is a blend of cognacs with an average age of 30 years, mainly from the Grand Champagne and Petit Champagne districts, but also some Borderies.

Grönstedts Noël 2012 is the seventh edition of the popular “julcognacen” from Grönstedts. This year’s edition is composed, like previous releases from the districts of Grande and Petite Champagne but this year, it also includes the components of the smaller district Borderies. Grönstedts Noël 2012 has a pleasant hint of caramel, making it sweet and round in flavor.

 Grönstedts Noël 2012 has hints of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate and caramel. I have endeavored to develop a julcognac with just sweet toffee elements that distinguish this year’s edition from last year such as bitter orange had character. I work so that I have from one year to save parts of last year’s cognac, which then must be the basis for next year’s edition. This leads to julcognacen has the same basic character but top notes varies, says Stefan Mårtensson, Master Blender at Grönstedts.

 This year’s edition is similar to previous releases a blend from the districts of Grande and Petite Champagne, famous for its delicate and elegant cognac. This Julcognac, unlike previous versions also feature contents from the district Borderies, making it more floral and aromatic. The combination of these three districts resulting in a round and sweet julcognac with pleasant hints of caramel.

 In 2011 Stefan Mårtensson was appointed responsible as the Master Blender Grönstedts and over the past year, he has noticed an ever increasing interest in cognac. He has, for example, discovered a trend that people with a large whiskey interest now also begun to focus more on cognac.

 Cognac is more generally an underrated drink in Sweden. What is so fascinating about cognac is that there are more nuances to discover in comparison with other distillates, and in here, this year julcognac no exception. In an older cognac alcohol has been bound in and become rounder and softer in flavor, so can Grönstedts Noël 2012 to tell an inveterate cognac connoisseurs as much as the one above cognacsdrickare says Stefan Mårtensson.

 Grönstedts Noël 2012 should be enjoyed for Christmas dinner or with sweets on the sweets table -s sweet notes with hints of toffee and almonds come into their own with such a dark truffle.

 Grönstedts Noël 2012 launch on December 1st in Systembolaget’s exclusive range and the price is 399 SEK for a bottle of 500 ml. The part number is 40410th

 Short on Grönstedts Noël 2012 XO

  • Grönstedts Cognac was founded by Johan Daniel Grönstedt 1846th

 This year’s Grönstedts julcognac is the 7th in order.

  • Grönstedts Noël 2012 XO consists mainly of cognacs from the Grande Champagne is a district in the area of Cognac in the south of France.
  • Grönstedts Noël 2012 XO has an average age of 30 years and is stored in Limousin barrels.
  • Master Blender at Grönstedts Stefan Mårtensson.
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