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Gautier Pinar Del Rio XO Cigar Cognac

28 May 2011 3 Comments

Gautier’s Pinar Del Rio cigar blend Cognac XO is named after the best region in Cuba for growing the finest tobacco leaves.
Blends from various regions give Pinar Del Rio its wonderfull character : regions like Fins Bois for its body, Borderies for its mellowness, Petite and Grande Champagne for its finesse and finish.

Extensive research was conducted to develop this rare and limited blend. Pinar Del Rio is specially reserved for the discriminating connoisseur whose sensitive palate will appreciate the marriage of aged Cognacs with quality cigars. To archieve this, Gautier gave this Pinar Del Rio XO a slightly higher alcohol percentage than usual with 41,2%. This to prevent that the Cognac falls out with the Cigar.

About Gautier:

Old firm founded in 1755. The firm dates from around 1755 and was founded by Charles Gautier and remained in family hands until 1970 when it was bought by Gemaco, part the Berger Group best known for it’s pastis. Since 2006 Gautier is owned by the the Belvédère Group. They are since the beginning based in Aigre in the 4th cru, Fins Bois.

Cigar matching:

I did taste this Cognac, as it should be, with a nice Cuban Cigar: The Cohiba Siglo II, and have to say that Gautier did a pretty well job by making this Cognac. It tastes sublime with the Siglo II Cigar, the higher alcohol-percentage is not that recognizable, but you taste that this Cognac is fuller of aroma’s than an average XO of 80 euro’s. At no point the Cigar or Cognac got the upper-hand when speaking of aroma’s.


The Pinar Del Rio XO Cigar Cognac is available in two versions, a 70cl bottle and a miniature of 50ml. Both are sold in a tube that looks like a Cigar, very nice designed!

The tasting notes of Gautier XO Pinar del Rio Cigar Cognac are:

The color: very dark amber with red hues. An authentic color.
The fragrance: chocolate-raisin flavor, leather, tobacco, wood and some rancio-aroma’s. Also a delicate hint of violets using Borderies.
The taste: not too soft or too sharp, slightly thick texture. Reminiscent of old Havana Club Rum. Tones of leather, wood, vanilla, tobacco and rancio.
The after-taste: the taste stays very long in the mouth.
The origin: from all areas of the Cognac region.
The age: 15 to 60 years old.
The price: around 80 euro on the web
The price / quality ratio: a 8!, much better than Pierre Ferrand Cigare Cognac.

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