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Gautier Eden (inclusive special offer!)

16 December 2011 No Comment

Maison Gautier reveals the excellence of its oldest, most prestigious eaux-de-vie from its “Chai Paradis”, combined with centuries of know-how to create EDEN, the ultimate expression of the unique quality of Gautier Cognac.
Jewel of the Maison Gautier, blended by Master blender Isabelle Couprie, EDEN is a skilful blend of the eaux-de-vie originating solely from the “Chai Paradis” of the Maison Gautier.


A small island in the middle of one of the tributaries of the Charente, in the town of Aigre, provided the ideal waterside location for the Maison Gautier’s wine cellars, giving them full, smooth flavours and a unique taste.

It is in Maison Gautier’s “Chai Paradis” that the miracle occurs, when Master Blender Isabelle Couprie chooses to blend the precious eaux-de-vie from the various Fins Bois, Petite and
Grande Champagne vintages, that have until now been slowly maturing in isolation.
She realises that she is the holder of a divine blend, of an unequalled aromatic complexity. That is how Eden was discovered and has been stowed until the present day, in a silent hideaway
in oak barrels.
This peaceful repose in the humid atmosphere of the Gautier cellars has allowed the various eaux-de-vie to improve and find their place in this prodigious blend.

The first sensations are visual.
The appearance is bright, a sustained and deep amber colour auguring its quality.
This arouses curiosity as to Eden’s possible flavour. Many will say it tastes of eternity, real connoisseurs will notice a very elegant and intense bouquet of candied fruits, a tang of bitter orange wrapped in divinely sweet honey. They will also note the spicy, woody notes imparted by the ancient oak barrels, providing Eden with a subtle and powerful aromatic complexity.
The explosion of aromas on the palate is voluptuous and intense. It is reminiscent of the simple and morish roundness of spiced bread, the warm bitterness of roasting coffee.

The endnote is a marvel, as the aromas endure, the hints of candied and grilled fruits return. The pleasure is immediate and leaves only one desire – that it should last forever.

Maison Gautier naturally chose a decanter with lines as pure as Eden itself.
To emphasize its extraordinary background, each decanter is numbered and an elegantly etched image depicting Adam and Eve serves as a reminder, if one were needed, that paradise is close at hand.

To protect and enhance this gem, it needed a display case, a unique work of art. Crafted from teak, a precious dark brown wood from Burma, its box would protect Eden from the light and set it off when being tasted.
The guilloche decoration and brushed mirror background covering the interior make its dazzling golden orange colour shine with the light of thousand fires.

For any order of EDEN from our private online boutique, Maison Gautier has the pleasure of offering you two special engraved glasses to fully appreciate the aromatic richness of this exceptional Cognac.
To take advantage of this offer, please enter the promotional code: EDEN2011 when you make an order online, in the “Vouchers” field.
Offer valid until 31st December 2011*
* Subject to availability – while stocks last

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