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Futura X Hennessy – Another Limited Edition Bottle

14 July 2012 4 Comments

Awesome, after the great success of their KAWS collaboration, Hennessy hooked up with  artist Futura to create another limited edition of their VS Bottle!

The bottle features Futura’s signature helix visuals in bright colorways on the front of the bottle and on the cap. We hope to have a closer look at this amazing collaboration very soon!


Futura is a living legend in his own right, Futura’s place in the graffiti world and its emergence into the public sphere has been virtually unparalleled.

A unknown but very limited number of bottles will be available in some select Hennessy / liquor shops in the upcoming months!

Just before the artist-work of Futura, Hennessy invited him out to its headquarters in Cognac, France to see a glimpse of the process and procedures. As opposed to simply laying claim to the bottle with little to no history or knowledge base for the Hennessy ethos, Futura’s trip opened up a look into the interworkings to give him an even deeper understanding of the project.

Source: Hennessy

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