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François Voyer XO Grand Cru

25 November 2012 One Comment

A few years ago I described the François Voyer XO Gold as one of the best XO Cognacs. This XO Grand Cru is the slightly younger, about 5 years, brother of this XO Gold.

The name of Grand Cru revers to the Grande Champagne, Voyer uses for all of their Cognacs, as Grande Champagne is the Grand Cru of the Cognac region.
The decanter is a beauty, which suits very well in your drinking cabinet…

As most of the Grande Champagne distillers do, Voyer distilled this XO Grand Cru with lees, which gives more aroma’s to the eaux-de-vie.

This Cognac is aged on Limousin’s oak casks with medium burn, in new barrels for 3 years and than in old barrels in a damp cellar.

Reduction to 40% is progressively done with distilled water (maximum diminution of 5% by operation every 6 month to 1 year).

François Voyer also uses the process of faibles to adjust their cognac to the correct proof. Faibles are created by putting distilled water in old cognac barrels and letting it sit.

The water pulls some of the cognac that has soaked into the barrel and produces a low alcohol liquid that contains 15% to 18% alcohol. These faibles are then blended, a small bit at a time, in a process called ‘petites eaux’ (or little waters).

I tasted the Francois Voyer XO Grand Cru in a Crystal Schott Zwiesel Cognac Glass, however the glass is not shaped like a normal Cognac Glass or Tulip Glass, I am very pleased with nosing and tasting qualities of this glass.


The review notes of this François Voyer XO Grand Cru are:

The color: amber colored, with a hint of gold….
The nose: aromas of flowers such as jasmine, combined with warm fruity notes: peach and plum. Due to the complete maturation of this old cognac, you recognize a hint of vanilla, which is so characteristic of cognac of this age
The taste: again flowery notes, combined with warm fruity notes. Vanilla and oak notes are also being tasted.
The after-taste: pleasant after taste of about 5 minutes.
The origin: Grande Champagne 100%.
The age: 14 to 25 years old.
The price: About 73 euro’s.
The price / quality ratio: a 9+. Stunning quality, great price, beautiful decanter.

Read more about this François Voyer XO Grand Cru on Cognac Wiki.

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