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Fourcade VSOP – Bons Bois Cognac Review

20 May 2012 2 Comments

Some months ago I was in Antwerp, Belgium, and bought in a Cognac-Shop called “de Cognatheek” an Bons Bois Cognac, because I wanted buy a 100% Bon Bois Cognac.

These Bons Bois Cognacs are extremely difficult to get outside the Cognac Region. Many producers are using Bons Bois (i.e. Hennessy), but they never use it for 100% in their Cognac.

This is mainly because Bons Bois Cognacs are to be considered as light, earthiness brandies without much complexity. Today’s consumers are more into the more complex and “heavier” tasting Cognacs.

The good thing about Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois Ordinares is the fact that they mature rapidly compared to Grande and Petite Champagne Cognacs. Therefore a high content of Bons Bois Cognacs is nowadays used in the VS-Blends of many producers, another good thing about Bons Bois is the price: it is about 40% cheaper than Grande Champagne Cognacs.

The review notes of this Fourcade VSOP Cognac are:

The color: gold Mahony.
The nose: very simple nose with:  vanilla, fresh grass and a little spice.
The taste: also quite simple taste, noting not much complexity in taste. It drinks very easily. The taste sweet with some vanilla and flowery notes.
The after-taste: fairly long for a VS Cognac.
The origin: Bons Bois.
The age: about 6 years.
The price: about 25 euro’s in De Cognatheek.
The price / quality ratio: a 7+. A little too simple for me, personally looking for some more complexity. Although this Cognac is perfect to drink in summer on a terras.


Also Fourcade is an member of the Vigneron Independant.

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  • Nougarede said:

    Ce cognac VSOP est un pur délice dans la mesure où vous aurez pris le temps de le réchauffer au creux de votre main. Il offre des arômes ronds et longs en bouche. C’est un VSOP qui égal largement certains XO.

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