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Five summer Cognacs, great to combine with Ice!

8 July 2011 No Comment

It’s getting warmer and the summer is coming, a lot of Cognacs are not made to drink in the summer, they are simply not fresh enough.

We selected 5 Cognacs, which we think are great to drink on a warm day. Of course all Cognacs could be served with ice if you enjoy!



  1. ABK6 Ice Cognac, great fruity and fresh Cognac, perfect in combining Ice with Cognac. Very refreshing combination. Also great directly from the freezer!
  2. Chateau Beaulon 7 Ans, one of my all-time favorite Cognacs. Made from 100% Folle Blanche Grapes, one of the rarest varieties in the Cognac region. Very fruity with some notes of geranium.
  3. Courvoisier Exclusif, great Cognac to drink pure or for usage in cocktails. Handles Ice-cubes very well.
  4. H By Hine, very lively and floral Cognac coming from the Petite Champagne Region. Although it’s a little sharp, it’s the better for ice.
  5. Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula, a very special Cognac made of 100% Grande Champagne Cognac, the first cru of all Cognac area’s. The higher alcohol percentage of 45%, the little sweet and the spices are awesome with ice or in cocktails as they advise at Pierre Ferrand.
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