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D’USSÉ VSOP – Jay-Z Cognac

11 May 2012 One Comment

A few month’s ago we wrote an article about Bacardi-emporium, who wanted to sell huge volumes of Cognac in the USA. Our first thought was the Baron Otard brand, Bacardi’s Cognac Brand in Europe,which wasn’t being sold in the USA. 
Well, our thoughts were wrong, Bacardi did a major introduction of an completely new brand, called D’usse (pronounced “dew-say”), which is marketed in direct competition with the big-4 Cognac makers: Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier and Rémy Martin.

As if Jay-Z didn’t already have enough on his plate (music, clothing, electronics, fatherhood), he’s throwing cognac connoisseur under his list of titles. During a private event in New York City Wednesday night, Mr. Carter helped Bacardi introduce their newest drink D’usse.

Back to the Cognac, the D’ussé is positioned in the VSOP segment and uses a mixture of different Cognac Cru’s. It is quite likely that a D’ussé VS and D’ussé XO are following soon, that’s the only way for Bacardi to challenge the big-4.

D’Usse VSOP will sell for $44.99 for a 750-ml bottle.

P.s. This new brand is also being named as Henri Dussé Cognac.

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  • Guiseppe L. said:

    Hello! I wonder if somebody has a bottle of Cognac Dusse for sale? Where can I buy a bottle of D’ussé? Anyone an idea? Thanks!

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