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Drinking Alcohol (in moderation) Is Good For You, Here’s Why

30 May 2010 One Comment

As you already know this blog is all things cognac and alcohol. We love to drink a fine cognac each day if possible. Drinking every day doesn’t necessarily mean getting drunk, when alcohol is consumed in moderation it can help you live longer. It’s not a myth, numerous medical studies have supported the fact that drinking alcohol in moderation can indeed make you healthier and help you cure certain diseases. To stress the fact that drinking is ok but in moderation, we thought we would talk a bit about it.

Myth Vs. Fact

Due to increasing number of drunk driving related death, society has made alcohol something of an evil thing to do (drunk driving IS evil). There are people that don’t seem to realize when enough is enough and for those these facts won’t matter either. When you drink alcohol in moderation it can help you live longer and healthier. Although for some it might just be a myth, it’s a fact which has been shown through countless studies. A Harvard study found the risk of death from all causes to be 21% to 28% lower among men who drank alcohol moderately, compared to abstainers. There are many other studies that have been conducted in regards to moderate drinking and almost every single one of them point that if alcohol is consumed in moderation, it can help you live longer than abstainers or heavy drinkers. Moderate drinking can help you live longer. It’s a fact.

Avoid Heart Diseases

Heart attack has become one of the biggest causes of death in US and all over the world. Couple years ago hearing in news about someone young dying because of a heart attack was rare, now it’s common. Drinking in moderation can help you avoid heart attack. Once again please note that we are talking about moderation. Alcohol can help you avoid heart diseases as it has been noted that moderate consumption can actually decrease thrombosis (blood clotting), increase coronary blood flow and reduce blood insulin level among many other things. Also people who have suffered from heart attack can avoid chances of another one by drinking moderately. In a study of 353 first time heart attack survivors, researchers found that men who consumed an average of two drinks of alcohol per day were 59% less likely than non-drinkers to have another heart attack.

Go For Cognac, The Healing Drink

Of course we are a little bias when it comes to our beloved drink. The process of producing cognac is older than anyone who is currently reading this post. Cognac is a pure product and is free of any additives that you may find in other alcoholic beverages. People around the world love cognac not just for the taste but for all the health benefits it provides as well. To stress the fact that cognac is one of the best medicine if drank in moderation we would like to include a statement from organic-lafragette,

The town of Cognac lies in the department of the Charente where many people live to over the age of one hundred and it appears that life expectancy there is higher than the national average. This appears to be due to the fact that Cognac is drunk there on a daily basis.

Give it a try if you haven’t already. Trust us, you will be around reading blogs and hanging out on the web lot longer by drinking cognac than any other drinks ;-) .

Before we end the post, we would like to stress one more time that when we say drinking alcohol is good, we mean in moderation. Anything that is done more than it should can create problems and alcohol is no different. Avoid heavy drinking, avoid driving even if you have had one sip of alcohol and drink moderately. Alcohol is good and will help you live longer and healthier if you drink it in moderation. It’s a fact and not just a myth. Give cognac a try. If you need recommendation feel free to contact us or leave a comment here and we will be glad to help you pick one.

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