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Don Henny – The Hennessy Cognac Collector

26 February 2012 53 Comments

Through the Cognac Forum I came in contact with Don Henny, collector of everything about Hennessy Cognac.
He came to his name because his friends called him Don Henny, because his passion & collecting of Hennessy-stuff.
He is a real Don for his friends, as he regulary holds Hennessy Tasting Events for his friends with 20 different Hennessy Cognacs.

Sounds awesome to me! 

Don Henny:

About 15 years ago I was introduced to Cognac, since then the Cognac passion has only increased.
Now I’m already 8 years collecting anything to do with Hennessy.
So I have many different bar glasses and other props, as well as mirrors, miniature cars, t’shirts & much more.
With my 32th anniversary this summer, ​​a good friend of mine made ​​a painting of Hennessy! Also a wall in the house is painted with Hennessy logo.

Meanwhile, I have about 200 bottles collected in all formats, including some double bottles.
I regularly hold one for friends a Hennessy tasting evening, where I 20’tal different savor.

This is a list of what I’ve tasted:

VS, Fine, VSOP “Privilege & Fine Champagne & Grande Reserve”, XO & XO Grande Champagne, Napoleon “Bras d’Or”, Paradis, Privé, Kenzo, Black, Hennessy White (Pure White), Classique, Private Reserve 1873, Le Peu, Izambard, Camp Romain, Bras d’Or, Napoleon Tome Book Red.

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  • George said:

    Wow! Very nice collection! Like the XO miniatures…

  • john said:

    Where did Don Henny find all the rare bottles? I am an avid Hennessy collector myself. Thank you

  • Don Henny said:

    @George, Thank You
    @John, Well a bit from everywhere also through trading and buying from other collectors/sites, in local stores… If you like to get in touch send me your e’mail and i’ll contact you
    Grtz Don Henny

  • Chan said:

    I am also an old cognac collector. I am wonder and surprise for your collection.

  • Guiseppe L. said:

    Awesome collection. Where did you find the Jimmy Hennessy?

  • Don Henny said:

    Got the Jimmy bottel from a contact person in France. He has sold me a bunch of bottles. I have some double bottles for sale you can ask me for a list if needed… send me a message or go to the forum

  • Ron said:

    What would a unopened bottle of L’art de martell 1997 be worth ?

  • Lynne Mansbridge said:

    I have an unopened bottle of Hennessey Paradis in presentation box. I would be open to offers if anyones interested.

  • Don Henny said:

    @ Lynne How can i contact you. I’m maybe interested, depends on which you have & what price you ask for it
    Grtz Don Henny

  • Lynne Mansbridge said:

    Hi Don, you can contact me via e-mail Lynnemansbridge1@hotmail.co.uk. I believe it to be a bottle of 1975.


  • thesophisticatedcollector said:

    I love the collection aswell.

    Check out my blog on the roll…

  • JK said:

    Hi Don Henny

    While I am new to collecting Hennessy and my collection in no way compares to you, I do have a couple bottles that I would like to discuss with you. I am very impressed and humbled by your collection and would like to have a collection as impressive! if you would, please contact me at purewhite_hennessy@yahoo.com. thank you.


  • Don Henny said:

    @ thesophisticatedcollector Nice site!
    @ JK sended you a mail
    Thnx & Grtz Don Henny

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  • Samnoemi said:

    I am cognac collector in Japan.
    i think you still missing some rare Hennessy bottles.
    Do you want to buy?
    there are a lot of hennessy bottles in japan.

  • Don Henny said:

    @ Samnoemi
    Yes, pleas send me a list.

    I also have a list with bottles for sale!

  • Dena said:

    Is anyone a collector of Martell Cognac? I have an unopened bottle of the 1997 commemorative L’Art de Martell I would like to find a good home for.

    L’Art de Martell was launched in 1997 to commemorate the retrocession of Hong Kong to China and is a limited edition. The decanter was designed by Daum, the French glassmaker, and there are only 1997 carafes in the world. An exceptional and unique creation, combining cognac and contemporary art.

  • Damien said:

    Hi Don – great collection. You seem like just the guy to contact about my bottle. It’s very old and very large – it’s actually on its own swivel display stand as if it were designed for a ship. I’ve seen similar bottles of normal size on ebay stating that they were pre-1920, which is possible because it was my great-grandfathers. The bottle is about 5X the size of a normal bottle, sealed with a metal cap, with a cork inside and remains full. Any idea what I have? Thanks for your time. dirkmastro@yahoo.com

  • Laurel said:

    Hello, Dena: Your April post noted a decanter designed to commemorate the retrocession of Hong Kong in 1997. I, too, have a bottle, but not by Artell. I have a bottle of XO Cognac, Produced by Brugerolle. The bottle was also commemmorative…has a very long narrow neck, and was blown with a sailboat (I believe the term for this kind of sailboat is ‘junk’) inside. Very amazing to look at. I purchased it in 1997 at the Hong Kong airport when changing flights…wish I had purchased several bottles instead of just one.
    History has a strange way of influencing art and trade.

  • Lawrence said:

    Hi Dena

    Are you still interested in selling?
    my email lawrence.ajibola@hotmail.com

  • Brandon Woolfolk said:

    I cannot thank you enough for the article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  • Monique said:

    Ik heb twee mooie genummerde flessen van Hennessy cognac Napoleon bras d’or ter overrnamen.

  • Don Henny said:

    Hey Monique,
    wil deze wel overnemen van je, graag foto & prijs.
    Grtz Don Henny

  • Sam said:

    I am also selling some old and rare hennessy in my website.
    If you are interested in Hennessy please visit and check it.
    http://www.choiruou.com or http://www.minibottle.vn
    Thank you.

  • Paul said:

    Any interest in a J. Chapoulie Legendaire Armagnac, aged 98 yrs, 3 litre magnum, signed by the distiller.

  • Nicolas said:

    hey don, my name is nick. i just started my collection and i wanted to know the list and price of your doubles. Please contact me at nicolasjetienne@gmail.com. thank you.

  • Eva said:


    I repeat the mail of Dena and I want to find a collector of Martell Cognac. I have an unopened bottle of the 1997 commemorative L’Art de Martell I would like to find a good home for. My limited edition number is 1976/1997.

    It has his box, his history book and limited edition certificate.

    My contact mail is evadelgado@grupocuevas.com


  • Vince Bond said:

    I have a bottle of Remy Martin 1724/1974 box,certificate all intact.
    Do you have any intrist in it

  • Vince Bond said:

    My contact info vhbond1@att.net

  • Don Henny said:

    Hi, If your looking for Hennessy… White,Black,XO,Bras d’Or, Napoleon,Kenzo,Privé,Choice,Jimmy or Old types & limited editions or whatever contact me I’m selling a part of my Hennessy stock & double bottles I have in my collection.
    Also If you have Hennessy bottles for sale please let me know, I’m always searching for new&old bottles I don’t have in my collection!
    You can also check me on Facebook
    “Don Henny”

  • Patricia said:

    I have a bottle of Napoleon A.Hardy cognac which is about 40 yrs old tring fine out what is worth….

  • John said:

    I have a bottle of hennessey cognac very old
    On the bottle is 70 o proof. And not less than 2 pints 8 fl.ozs

  • Linda Alicea said:

    I know this is a complete impossibility but I will ask anyway. I was wondering if you had a miniature bottle of Hennessy White for sale. I live in NYC and would need it by Thursday, Feb.7,2013. Someone was very kind to me and I would like to repay the kindness on their special day. I do not know anything about alcohol. Please excuse my ignorance. I am only looking to spend approximately $25. Thank you for time.

  • Don Henny said:

    @ John, If you can post a picture or send me one would be great!
    @ Linda, I have some Pure white mini’s 5cl for sale, send me an email,

  • Trajce said:

    I haw 1 bottle of Hennessy Cognac Book Tome 1 Tome 2 i want to now how much is cost!!!Inside is a card with number 16 !! Tnh 🙂

  • Don Henny said:

    If you like Hennessy & your a big fan like me! Feel free to visit my FB page with over a 100 Hennessy albums as I have close to 400 bottles in my collection.
    you can also contact me for info etc…
    Don Henny ‘Hennessy~Collector’

  • Marty said:

    Might want a bottle, can you send me your list martyatti@sbcglobal.net

  • Don Henny said:

    After all these years of collecting, I finally made myself a website to display my collection.
    Hope you like my page.
    Don Henny

  • Allie said:

    Have collectible bottle of limited edition of “Obama” Hennessy. Sweetgabrowne@yahoo.com

  • Allie said:

    Have collectible bottle of limited edition of “Obama” Hennessy.


  • Paul said:

    Hi Don,

    I am looking for Hennessy Prive 50ml. Do you have one for trade or sell?
    I am in Seattle WA USA.

    My email paulngo@hotmail.com

    Let me know.

    Thank you

  • Paul said:

    Hi Don,

    I am also looking for Hennessy private reserve 50ml. Do you have one for trade or sell?
    I am in Seattle WA USA.

    My email paulngo@hotmail.com

    Let me know.

    Thank you

  • John Awa said:

    I was in the process of listing my vintage 70’s unopened Hennessy Bras D’Or Cognac in a Baccarat bottle with the box. I realize that eBay no longer allows the contents to be sold on their site and was wondering if anyone knows of a website that I could put this up for auction? It’s been in the family for a long time and am now in the process of cleaning so any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

  • John Awa said:

    Sorry, I forgot my contact info:


  • tony said:

    don henny,

    i have a question,

    at home i have a red tome cognac book from hennessy ,
    do you know what the price is of that bottle?

  • Don Henny said:

    Hey Tony, Red book had a store price of 140euro when released,,, now the value has increased from 200 and up


  • mina said:

    Hello I would love to know if you have have minis or a few bottles

  • Don Henny said:

    Hello Mina,
    Yes I have all types of bottles for sale or trade against other Hennessy bottles.
    Visit my website

  • kevin devaney said:

    My father in law just gave me a bottle of unopened Ja.s Hennessy & Co. 200th anniversary of the Independence of the United States commemorative bottle. It’s on a piece of wood (as in it was a trophy of some sort) and a portion of the cap is broken off, but the cork is in and it’s full. Wondering if it has any value and if not, is it still god to drink.

  • Nicolas said:

    Hey Kevin, I would love to buy that bottle you have. 200th . Email me.

  • RMB said:


    I recently won an unopened bottle of Hennessy 250 signed by Mr. Maurice Hennessy at a charity auction. The contents and value are certainly above the quality I typically drink and thus was interested in polling the audience for their opinions. What would be the fetching value of this today in a conservative market and should this be perhaps something I should consider setting aside for a decade or so as something I could pass down to my grandchildren (potential increased value in 20-years or so).

  • Joe said:

    Please send me a list of bottles you have for sale.

  • Mike Canupp said:

    I recently purchased a 6 foot x 6 foot bar mirror that has Martell & Hennessy Choice Old Cognac Brandies, mostly in gold gilt, it has a few issues some peeling of the letters (not very bad) and unfortunately, the movers dropped it, and it now has an 8 in crack on the bottom LH corner. If you have the time could you tell me the value,if there is one? Thank you very much for your time. Mike Canupp phone7708707456 Gainesville Georgia USA 30507

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