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Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP – Cognac Review

14 March 2012 No Comment

Distillerie du Peyrat is distilling Cognac for many generations now, the current master distiller  Jean-Francois Rault decided to make the whole range of organically grown grapes which is a very good thing. The product should be more pure and the growing doesn’t harm the environment.

Now back to the Cognac Review, the Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP is a blend of petite champagne , Fins Bois  and Bon Bois Cognacs. The grapes used are Ugni Blanc and Folle blanche grapes.

This Cognac is aged in relatively small barrels of 400 liters,  many producers use barrels of 500 liters.

This sort of production is a guarantee for respecting nature around the vineyard. It’s an assurance for the best regional tastes. The Distillerie du Peyrat signature has always been known to produce “fine”, “subtle” and “tender” Cognacs (little fatty alcohol). This tradition has not changed, now focusing on certain terroirs for selecting wines and adapting them to certain distillation methods.

The tasting notes of the Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP are:

The color: golden dark amber.
The nose: rich, spicy, with hints of walnuts, little Fins Bois like nose…
The taste: soft but also warm, with some dried fuits, caramel and chocolate.
The after-taste: balanced but short in length.
The origin: Petite Champagne,  Fins Bois and Bons Bois.
The age: at least 4 years, because this is the minimum age for VSOP Cognac.
The price: about $60, –
Price / quality ratio: very nice organic Cognac, the price is possibly on the high end comparing to the taste, but you do something good for the environment and your body, so enjoy!


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