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Delamain Vesper

16 November 2010 2 Comments

The Delamain Vesper, was already recommended to me, and described as far better than the Delamain Pale and Dry XO, luckily I had a miniature to see if this Vesper really tastes that good!

What I immediately noticed that the Vesper is much fuller and richer than the Pale & Dry, oak and tannins dominate.

Wood aromes everywhere, unfortunately I do believe that the wood and tannin is a little too much for this beautiful Cognac, subtle flavors are going to the background.

The Vesper has an average maturity of 35 years, which is very old name for an XO. Even with his asking price of 100 euros it is actually still quite affordable.

Delamain is a producer of Cognac based in Jarnac, France. Delamain was founded by James Delamain who was born in Dublin Ireland and has been married to Marie Ranson of the French Roullet family since 1763. After his death in 1817 one of his sons and a member of the Roullet family reestablished the name Delamain as a producer of Cognac. The company does not produce any VS or VSOP grade cognac, instead its entry level offer is already an 25 year old XO (Pale & Dry).

The tasting notes of the Delamain Vesper are:

Color: light brown.
The aroma: woody, spicy (Clove Jurrit calls it a smell, which I find good), slightly heavy, slightly smoky and vanilla.
The taste: lots of oak wood tones, soft in terms of spirit, filled with fruit taste (bitterness of a Grapefruit), spices, vanilla, honey and caramel.
The after-taste: still hang around for long, especially the tannins ….
The origin: Grande Champagne.
The age: average 35 years old.
The price: about 100 euros.
The price/quality ratio: a 8! Very enjoyable Cognac, you should however like the woody/tannin taste.

P.S. you can discuss this Cognac under this article, or on the Cognac-Forum.

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  • Best XO Cognacs 2011 said:

    […] Delamain Vesper, first 100% Grande Champagne Cognac in the list. Very enjoyable Cognac, you should however like the woody/tannin taste. Price: $130,- […]

  • squarf said:

    Miracle in a bottle. Beyond, beyond. Comparable to? Comparable to the first time that I drank Chateau Margot 1964. I could not believe it. Totally unforgettable. The best red wine that I have ever had. Delamain Vesper may be the finest cognac in the history of the world, and is certainly the best that I have ever had. Both libations live in memory.

    -Lorenzo Q, Squarf, Flamekeeper of Western Civilization and Authority on Such Things

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