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De Luze VS – Cognac Review

13 May 2012 No Comment

The De Luze VS is a real VS Cognac, you taste and smell it is less complex than the acclaimed Alfred De Luze with 43% alcohol. The taste burns a little more, despite the 3% less alcohol.

Yet this De Luze is a very pleasant VS Cognac. The taste is in fact very comfortable with a general flavor which I also observed in the Alfred De Luze and De Luze VSOP. Well done so!


The review notes of this De Luze VS Cognac are:

The color: gold Mahony.
The nose: very fresh and fruity of vanilla and citrus-fruit fragrance combined with some oakiness. Also something alcohol in the nose
The taste: soft and beautiful in the mouth, a little burn in the throat, also slightly more watery than Alfred. The observed flavors are: oak, citrus and coffee.
The after-taste: fairly long for a VS Cognac.
The origin: Fins Bois.
The age: at least 2.5 years.
The price: 18 euros in the Netherlands.
The price / quality ratio: a 8+. Delicious matured VS Cognac, which I definitely will buy again.

Mastering the production process of premium cognacs from the vine to the glass, owner of the largest and most premium vineyard in the
world, distiller specialised in premium cognacs, dedication and passion going back to 1640, respect of tradition and longer ageing which brings out the best of Cognac …

A brand that does not master its distillation is a brand which can not guarantee its quality. The Boinauds have understood this for generations and at De Luze, only un-filtered wines are distilled for our Fine Champagne cognac range.

This clear and precise point of difference ensures a richer, smoother and thicker texture which is vector of flavour and aromas. The Boinauds have built a 41-pot still distillery : 39 small 25HL pot stills and two others, even smaller with a capacity of 13HL for even smaller batch distillation.

The Boinauds have always been hard working, vineyard owners and distillers.In 1940, the current chapter of the family history began when Michel Boinaud set to work on developing a greater production and distillation capacity for his father Charles after the 1939/1940 war.

In olde-Charentais, Bois-naud means homme du bois (man of the forest). The address today is Le Bois d’Angeac,(Angeac Forest) and records trace the family back to 1640 already at this current address.1640, Louis XIII is on the throne of France, year of the creation of the famous gold medallion, the Louis d’Or. Knowing the origin of their name however we can safely say, the Boinauds have been here since the forest… and since the invention of Cognac! Jean Boisnaud’s family were certainly already at Le Bois d’Angeac when in 1619, just a few kilometres down the road, a certain Chevalier de la Croix Marron invented the ‘second distillation’ of the cognac eaux-de-vie thus defining cognac as we know it today.

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