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DavidCampen on Glassware for brandy tasting.

30 May 2010 No Comment

Gee, it is awfully quiet here. Oh well, just means more fine brandy for me.

Anyways, I will continue talking to myself about optimum glassware for drinking fine brandy.

I think I see now why people recently have been gravitating to the tasting glasses like the Stolzle or Reidel glasses that I mentioned aboved – many brandy snifters are very badly proportioned; I just happened to have been fortunate to have a set of a rare pattern that I consider to have ideal proportions.

The snifters I have that I consider ideally proportioned are cut crystal of the Bel Air pattern from Atlantis that I purchsed some decades ago. These snifters hold 7 ounces, are 4 1/2 inches high with an opening 2 inches in diameter and a largest diameter of about 3 1/4 inches.

Contrast those proportions that I consider to be near ideal with some cut crystal snifters in the Longford pattern by Galway that I just acquired. These hold 11 ounces and are 5 inches high with an opening of 2 3/4 inches and a maximum diameter of 3 3/4 inches. These glasses hold too much and worst have an opening that is much too large making the thing as much like a footed bowl as a glass.

For comparison the Stolzle glasses have an opening of 1 3/4 inches much more like the Bel Air/Atlantis snifters.

Many of the other cut glass snifters that I have been looking at seem to be badly proportioned like the Longford/Galway snifters. Snifters of what I consider ideal proportions like the Bel Air/Atlantis are very hard to find. 


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