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Daniel Bouju Extra

3 March 2013 One Comment

Daniel Bouju Extra Cognac glassDaniel Bouju is a small grower/producer in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac. It seems that much of their Cognac isn’t available in the U.S. or is very hard to find. (Quote)

Daniel Bouju Cognacs offer a bolder flavor profile than the typical fruity sweetness that we find in many Cognacs, this is mainly because the (extreme) wood influence. DB  really likes to show wood influence, these aroma’s are all from the barrel, no additives such as caramel are added. The Bouju (woody bitterly) style is not for everyone, it is true, but it sure is a nice addition to the Cognac scene.

Compared to the earlier tested Daniel Bouju Royal 60%, this Cognac contains much less alcohol at 40%. Also it is more bitterly.


How does the Daniel Bouju Cognacs become so dark colored?

New french (Limousin and Troncais) oak imparts a lot a color especially when you leave it in the barrel for 30-40 years. Certainly the tannin’s are much darker and spicier than American oak, hence the distinction between European and American Sherry Casks in Scotch production. Bouju seems to be leaving these cognacs in new oak for their entire maturation and this is why they have achieved such a dark product.

The tasting notes of the Royal Daniel Bouju – EXTRA are:

The color: very dark brown.
The fragrance: woody, leather, fruits like dried prunes / plums, not very complex.
The taste: rather soft start, woody, dry, slightly tart by tannin’s, leather, tobacco flavors, freshly dried prunes and raisins
The after-taste: a little bitterly (because of the oak-tannin’s) tobacco aftertaste… Long lasting.
The age: 35 years matured in a new oak cask made from Limousin oak, wide or medium grain.
The origin: 100% Grande Champagne Cognac.
Price: 100 dollars.
The price / quality ratio: an 7.

Packaging: Traditional Cognac’s shape bottle 70 cl  Cork and personalized black cap. Possible also in bottles of  5 cl, 20 cl, 75 cl,150 cl and 300 cl Possible with beige or copper coloured cover or  wooden box. 150 cl : wooden box included – 300 cl wooden box included.

For this article we used some quotes from: http://recenteats.blogspot.com/2013/01/daniel-bouju-cognac.html

Daniel Bouju Collection

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