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Courvoisier sponsors James Bond Skyfall

9 November 2012 No Comment

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see the latest episode of the James Bond collection; Skyfall. After seeing all James Bond movies ever made, I think Skyfall is definitely one of the best.

To finance such expensive productions, the producers need to find additional money in sponsor deals, for example Heineken paid $45 million for an partnership agreement with Sony Pictures for the use of Heineken products in the November Bond film Skyfall.

We also noticed the Courvoiser VSOP two times in the movie quite clearly. Gareth Mallory (played by Ralph Fiennes) and M (Judi Dench) both drink Courvoisier VSOP cognac. First Mallory pours both himself and M a glass in his office, and later M pours herself a glass in her apartment. A bottle of Courvoisier can also be spotted in the bar where Bond drinks the ‘scorpion’ shot.

Strangely the Courvoisier VSOP included in Skyfall seemed to be the “Old” Fine Champagne version, this version will be replaced globally in 2013.

Macallan Whisky, one of our favorite Whisky Brands was also included in the script.

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