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Courvoisier removes Fine Champagne from label VSOP

27 October 2012 3 Comments

Courvoisier stops making the Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne, due to adding Fins Bois Cognacs to their VSOP blend.

The blend was previously made of grapes collected from only the Grande and Petite Champagne regions and hence was known as ‘Fine Champagne’.

Courvoisier’s decision to add Fins Bois grapes is to add more complexity and fruity, floral notes, which will give them more versatile blend more in line with the Courvoisier house style.

Personally we think this switch is mainly due to the increased demand from Asia in Cognac and even more in the Grande Champagne cognacs,  used in the old blend. Now Courvoisier is able to make their VSOP  for much less costs. The price stays the same, so profits will be sky-high on this new VSOP Cognac.

Courvoisier global senior marketing manager Claire Richards said Cognac is increasingly served with ice or mixed in cocktails across many of their key markets.

“With this enhanced blend we are providing a versatile, super-premium VSOP cognac that can be enjoyed neat, with ice or in sophisticated cocktails, with floral and fruity notes that are in line with Courvoisier’s aromatic house style,” Richards added.

The new Courvoisier VSOP Fine Cognac will be available in the UK and Russia from November 2012 at recommended retail price of £32.99, before being rolled out throughout the globe in 2013.

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  • Peter Bowyer said:

    There are many a fine Fins Bois but these are not Champagne cognacs. One would expect Courvoisier to try to put a spin on this but, as with most of the big houses’ products, the quality is being compromised in the interests of increasing volumes and profits from the ever rising demand in the far east.

  • BWD said:

    Funny to read this as I drink my (old stock) Couvoisier VSOP.
    Asian is a problem in the alcohol in that they are a new demographic to the alcohol sphere and they are willing to pay stupid prices for iconic wine/spirits. The prices will be driven to ridicules levels until they stock their pantries. Shop smart and let them blow their funny money until their economies come back to reality. It is an old money -vs- new money thing.

  • Courvoisier sponsors James Bond Skyfall said:

    […] the Courvoisier VSOP included in Skyfall seemed to be the “Old” Fine Champagne version, this version will be replaced globally in […]

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