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Courvoisier Gold – Cognac with Moscato wine

5 September 2012 9 Comments

The first thing I thought when hearing the name Courvoisier Gold, was a new version of the beautiful Couvoisier Napoleon Gold. Well that’s not the case, Courvoisier made a very special blend between Cognac and Moscato wine sourced from the south of France.

Just like the Courvoisier Rosé this Gold will we priced at $24.99  for a 750-ml. bottle, and contains 18% (36 Proof) alcohol.

See it as a lower-alcohol alternative to traditional Cognac, with a refreshing and approachable taste experience. According to some notes on the internet, this Courvoisier Gold matches very well with Cocktails, just like the Courvoisier Rosé does.

The Muscat wine comes from Southern France and gives as I expected from a Muscat wine  a pronounced sweet floral aroma.

A quick calculation learns that this Gold is composed of about 70% Muscat wine (at 9% ABV) and 30% Cognac.

“We believe Courvoisier Gold will not only appeal to the many existing fans of our portfolio, but will also give new consumers a reason to try Cognac for the first time,” says Megan Frank, director of Courvoisier at Beam.

“Moscato is the fastest-growing wine varietal and mixed with Cognac, it provides a unique, smooth taste,” adds Frank.

According to Nielsen data, off-premise retail sales of Moscato were up 73% in both volume and revenue in 2011.

Courvoisier Gold is one of several recent innovations intended to broaden Courvoisier’s appeal. The Moscato-Cognac hybrid is positioned to complement the June 2011 launch of Courvoisier Rosé ($24.99), a female-targeted 18%-abv blend of Cognac and French red wine grapes. Earlier this year, meanwhile, Beam unveiled the 40%-abv C by Courvoisier ($34.99), a small-batch, double barrel-aged expression targeted primarily toward male consumers.

Read more about the brand Courvoisier.


Source: Shanken

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  • MsMissie said:

    I tried the Moscato blend this weekend and it was delicious, a definite new fav!…My friends and I call it our official “grown lady” drink 🙂

  • SueJ said:

    My best friend gave me a bottle of this blend for a house warming gift, I loved it and I will try it again. ..

  • margaret said:

    My guess who came to dinner last night brought me a bottle of courvoisier gold my first time drinking this it was FAB will definitely be buying this

  • sixone said:

    These two flavors surprised me because I don’t like cognac. However I do love moscato. Someone tricked me and gave me a glass and I loved it.

  • Regina said:

    I have been searching for bottles of this since my first taste. Everywhere I go says it is out of stock or no longer being produced…is this true. I love this stuff and I am not a drinker.

  • keith said:

    you can get it from amazon at a rip off price or alcohol concierge.

  • Percy said:

    I went to the virgin island this week & enjoyed a bottle of the Gold courvisier & moscato. I loved it, but I can’t find it anywhere here in the states. Does anyone have an idea of where I can have some shipped to Florida?

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