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Comandon Single Barrel Cognac Selection

16 February 2012 One Comment

Comandon Cognac, producer of fine boutique premium cognacs and winner of the best cognac at the world spirit competition, has just announced that it has launched the first “Single-Barrel Cognac” selection.

Comandon Single Barrel Cognac is the first cognac house to introduce a full line of single barrel cognacs while also producing the classic VS/VSOP/XO qualities.

The House of Comandon says: “after years of diligent preparation, the Comandon Cognac XO Single-Barrel project is completed and Comandon now offers three types of single barrel cognac:

  • Comandon XO Single Barrel Cognac is from the Borderies appellation. A single barrel of old cognac left untouched for about 18 years was selected to be bottled at cask strength of 45% alcohol per volume. Youth, freshness, and delicate floral aromas bloom out with a smooth honey finish. See: KLWines for more information about this Cognac.
  • Comandon XO Single Barrel Cognac is from the Petite Champagne appellation. This barrel was selected for its exquisite complexity and typicity to accurately represent the Petite Champagne terroir. Awakened after more than 30 years of slow aging and a cask strength of 41,1% of alcohol per volume. See: KLWines for more information about this Cognac.
  • Comandon XO Single Barrel Cognac is from the Grande Champagne appellation and it is bottled at strength without reduction ending with 44% alcohol per volume. After 40 years of aging in a dark paradis this cognac has reached its full maturity and it now epitomizes the refinement and elegance of Grande Champagne. See: KLWines for more information about this Cognac.

Comandon Cognac is available under the classic VS, VSOP, and XO formats traditionally used by the Cognac Houses. These formats were originally created a few hundred years ago to be meaningful to the English customers who constituted the majority of cognac drinkers, and who wanted a description of the age of the cognacs in their native language.

Hence, the denomination of VS stands for “Very Special”, VSOP means “Very Superior Old Pale”, and XO stands for “Extra Old”. These cognac designations are only indicative of the age of the cognac when they were bottled, but not how old is the bottle. This designation was eventually adopted by many other different type of spirits beside cognac such as Calvados, Armagnac, brandy, rum and others.


The consumption and purchase of “single barrels” and “cask strength” spirits is usually reserved to collectors and connoisseurs. However, in recent years we have seen an increased interests from customers to search for unique selected barrels and higher proof spirits in an effort to consume the spirits in its most authentic form that is cask strength and undiluted by the distillery as it is customary just before being bottled. While much of this current trend is attributed to products such as single-malt scotch and small-batch bourbon, and more recently to single barrel tequila, there are a few cognac producers that have ventured into this consumer trend.

These single barrel cognacs were selected by K&L Wines in the USA. Comandon Cognac Single Barrel Cognacs are available from K&L Wines, one of the most reputable US distributors of premium spirits www.klwines.com.

Soon we will publish some review notes about these Cognacs!


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