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Comandon Single Barrel Borderies

8 July 2012 No Comment

In February we already had a news item about the Comandon Single Barrel Collection, a collection of 3 Single Barrel Cognacs coming from the Grande Champagne (40 years old), Petite Champagne (30 years old) and Borderies (18 years old). They are all bottled at cask strength.

Luckily I had the opportunity to taste the Comandon Single Barrel Borderies, which has a cask strength of 45%. In fact, this is very exciting as this is the first review ever made of a Single Barrel Cognac, a category of product much more common in the Scotch/Whiskies and other brown liquor categories of spirits.

Beside the Grande Champagne, also Borderies is one of my favorite regions because of it’s distinctive floral characters (usually violets and iris). Also, a 100% Borderies Cognac is very rare and hard to get, especially because Borderies is the smallest region of the Cognac Appelation and the fact Martell buys most of it via long-term contract with the wineries.

Grande Champagne could easily age for more than 40 years, Borderies however is best between the 15-20 years old, this Borderies with 18 years of aging is just perfect!

The bottle is also very beautiful with it’s vintage labeling.

Currently this Cognac is only available in the United States of America, but with the current success I expect they will soon enter the European market with a Single Barrel Collection!

Comandon Single Barrels Cognac have sold so fast that the retailer is not advertising it anymore, to let it be sold by word-of-mouth only, and they have increased the price to 119.99 USD for the Borderies selection for instance, but which is still a bargain.

The review notes of this Comandon Single Barrel Borderies Cognac are:

The color: honey gold.
The nose: very rich nose with powerful honey, nutty and gingercookie flavors, I also recognize some iris in the wonderful floral bouquet. At 45% the nose is quite soft, which is a plus!
The taste: first taste is very soft, with some floral and fruity notes, after swallowing you mention the higher alcohol percentage of 45%, usually this is 40% with Cognac. This burn is dissolves very quickly. A nice after-taste appears in return.
The after-taste: nutty-flavor, very pleasant.
The origin: Borderies
The age: 18 years.
The price: About 119,99 US dollars
The price / quality ratio: a 8,5. I like the whole concept of Single Barrel and Barrel Strenght very much. This combined with a very-well aged Borderies Cognac is a winning combination!

General information about Comandon Cognac

The Maison Comandon, created in 1821 by Pierre Comandon, an innovator, has been a family business for almost 200 years.

In 1804 Napoleon became Emperor of France. Napoleon’s constant warfare in Europe started the decline of cognac exports, particularly with Great Britain, the primary consumers of cognac at the time. After the fall of Napoleon in 1815 and the removal of trade barriers between France and Great Britain, a period of great business activity started in the towns of Cognac and Jarnac. The House of Comandon was founded in 1821 by 20-year-old Pierre Comandon who was quick to seize this new growing opportunity, and he established his business on the Charente river bank in Jarnac. He later became the mayor of Jarnac in 1851, and he was an important player in the development of cognac sales overseas with dominant market share positions in South America, India, and Africa.

Louis Comandon was the second generation in the business. He had a significant role in the reconstruction of the cognac vineyards after the phylloxera plague hit Charente and destroyed most of the vineyards in 1875. He was also an important elected official in Charente who was involved in the political decisions which later concluded in the 1909 and 1936 decrees, creating the General Area for the production of Cognac and the controlled appellations of Cognac.

The actual “Maison Comandon” is located in the old Cognac town. It is considered to be the oldest house in Cognac with its foundation built by the Romans in 418 BC. It is also considered as one of the first house in the city of Cognac which started the production of Cognac. Its cellar, named “Paradis” for cognacs, has a perfect humidity and further history related to the Pelgrims of Saint-James the 2nd Apostle and half brother of Jesus Christ (see route of Saint-James of Compostella). The House is located at the top of the rue Saulnier, exactly at No.1 rue Saulnier, the historical street of cognac makers and negociants.

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