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Cointreau Noir – made by Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet

21 November 2012 No Comment

As we all know, Cointreau Yellow label is being made with brandy, the red and blue label are being made with Cognac.

Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail just launched the Cointreau Noir, a result of an alliance between Cointreau Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais and Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet.

The bottle is almost identical to the regular Cointreau bottle’s squared shape except this bottle has a bright copper coating and a bold black label. But it’s what inside that commands attention. The pairing of Cointreau and Remy Martin has resulted in mellowing out Cointreau’s sweet orange flavor and adding soft vanilla and nut notes, as well as a golden amber color.


Tasting notes: Gold in appearance with amber highlights, Cointreau Noir is said to be rich and complex on the nose, and characterised by its orange bouquet with notes of vanilla, honey, dried fruit and a touch of almond and walnuts.


Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail Marketing & Business Development Director Matthew Hodges said: “Cointreau Noir marks a rare partnership between these two historic houses which have combined their talents to produce a new liqueur.

“Cointreau Noir is a sultry dark version of the orange liqueur we know and love – the blend of Cointreau with Cognac seems to add depth which we believe will appeal to dark spirits connoisseurs as well as lovers of cocktails like Cointreau Fizz.”

Cointreau Noir can be served neat, on the rocks, or neat with lime.

Cointreau Noir will be launched first in travel retail in the Americas this autumn followed by Asia and Europe. The new expression will be launched globally in 2013.

Cointreau Noir can be found for around $63.99 for a 750ml bottle in the US.

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