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Cognac with matching Cigars

5 November 2009 No Comment

cognac_cigar cognacfansOn the occasion of a gathering of the Union de la Sommellerie Française (French Wine Tasters), organized by Patrice Franck, national vice-president and chief wine taster at Château de L’Yeuse, there was a mixed tasting of some of the best Cuban Cigars together with the finest Cognacs. Followed are the tasting notes of these true cognac/cigar experts.

Lanceros: Castro’s legendary cigar. Magnificent in it’s shining and firm wrapper delivering slightly spicy notes. On the draw, spicy aromas arise (cinnamon, white pepper). On the head of the cigar, Hine Antique is the most harmonious Cognac to go with it. Smell of leather and game best characterize the middle of the cigar. For this second third of it, a fine Cognac such as Quintessence from Gourmel would be appropriate. On the finish, the cigar delivers notes of fire and a bit of cocoa. We selected the N°7 from A.E. DOR which 42° proof are in harmony with the strength of the finish. Beautiful cigar full of subtlety and harmony.

Siglo I: Very small cigar beautifully aromatic where menthol, buttery and toastlike notes mix together. Great cigar for a beginner to be discovered and appreciated amongst friends. The finish delivers more floral aromas. To accompany this small cigar, we would suggest an A.E. DOR N°7 Cognac which strength contains the aromas of this small cigar.

Esplendidos: Nice cigar with a fine and colorful wrapper. Although the cigar is difficult to light up, the draw is very smooth. First we noted the spices (nutmeg and vanilla). We would suggest an X.O. from Courvoisier to match this cigar for it’s very aromatic nose with a vanilla note. The middle of the cigar evolves towards slightly acid, honey and syrupy flavors. We found le Petit Gourmel was the most harmonious match: it is a young Cognac with flowery notes and a slightly exuberant mouth. Bitterness and notes of fire are more present on the finish. This is why we would suggest the A.E. DOR N°7 Cognac still for it’s higher proof, which brings the right vivacity.

Gran Coronas: Very pleasant aspect, nice presentation for this slightly oily wrapper. The tasting is consistent to the end with aromas of honey, flowers and freshly roasted coffee intimately blended which come out in turn throughout the tasting without overcoming others. The best Cognac to match this fine cigar should taste harmonious rancio. Dynastie from Polignac fulfills these criteria.

Epicure N°1: It’s fine wrapper, slightly veined is rich and oily. A cigar that stands well in the mouth. A slight touch of bitterness on the draw (orange peel) which perfectly matches a young and dashing Cognac such as le Petit Gourmel. It evolves towards more floral notes (dry herbs) before delivering notes of roasted coffee. The middle and the finish perfectly match the N°7 A.E. DOR Cognac for its proof strength and its powerful rancio.

8-9-8: It offers an irregular wrapper but very fine and oily. The first draw reveals subtle spice aromas (cinnamon, vanilla) with a hint of pepper. The best Cognac to match the draw of this remarkable cigar is the Quintessence from Gourmel for its notes of apricot, old walnut and steep fruits. It evolved towards honey and toastlike aromas. It delivers a smooth, slightly creamy finish, which well matches an X.O. from Courvoisier, with its rancio flavors and a long-lasting mouth.

N°2 or OBUS: Nice wrapper with a very recognizable shape. The spicy draw gives place to a more floral note of dry hay and spices. On the draw we suggest The Duke from Dobbe for it’s oily character as well as its richness and finesse. On the finish of this powerful Havana, the aromas become quite burning. A strong Cognac is required to resist these aromas, this is why we picked the A.E.DOR N°7.

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