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Cognac Vineyards keeps getting more expensive!

12 August 2012 No Comment

News from the region of the Cognac! In 2011, the price of a hectare of vines in the Charente was € 35 600 (12.6% compared to 2010) and € 26 700 in the neighboring department of Charente Maritime (13.1%). In comparison, a hectare of vineyard in the Armagnac region of the Gers is trading at a mere €11,000. The latest report of the Regional Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DRAAF), the land market wine in Charente Maritime is rather relaxed, despite strong price increases. In Charente, the market is particularly tight. The increasing number of buyers oppresses a very limited supply, the most popular wines cognacs found in this department.

Grande Champagne is exclusively in the Charente, with an average price of 40 000 € / ha (14%). The price of a hectare of Borderies in Charente Maritime is € 32 000 (7%), whereas it reaches € 38 000 (19%) in the Charente. In both departments, the average price of vines in Petite Champagne is € 30 000 (3% and 7% in Charente Charente Maritime). The Fins Bois are sought in the Charente. Area of Jarnac sides are better than Blanzac (respectively 40 000 and 30 000 € / ha). In Charente Maritime, the average price of a hectare of Fins Bois increased 20% to € 30,000 / ha. DRAAF explains the infatuation with a strategy of transferring rights to the most popular wines. The same phenomenon is currently shooting the price of Bons Bois: 18 000 € / ha in Charente (20%) and 16 000 € / ha in Charente Maritime (7%).

The widespread increase in the price of the Charentes vineyards is related to a favorable economic context. Records of exports of eaux-de-vie from Cognac has been especially established in the year 2011The trend continued into early this year thanks to strong growth in Asian and American demands. Over the year mobile in June 2011 to June 2012, shipments of cognacs have in fact amounted to 166.7 million bottles (5.3% over the previous period). SAFER also notes that Charentais growers are postponing retirement in light of the favorable export cognacs.

List with prices per hectares in thousand (,000) euros (€)
1 hectare Grande Champagne (Charente) € 40  (increase of 14 per cent)
1 hectare Borderies (Charente) € 38  (increase of 19 per cent)
1 hectare Borderies (Charente Maritime) € 32  (increase of 7 per cent)
1 hectare Petite Champagne (Charente ) € 30  (increase of 3 per cent)
1 hectare Petite Champagne (Charente Maritime) € 30  (increase of 7 per cent)
1 hectare Fins Bois (Charente on the Jarnac side) € 40
1 hectare Fins Bois (Charente on Blanzac side) € 30
1 hectare Fins Bois (Charente Maritime) € 30  (increase of 20 per cent)
1 hectare Bons Bois (Charente) € 18  (increase of 20 per cent)
1 hectare Bons Bois (Charente Maritime) € 16  (increase of 7 per cent)


Source: http://www.vitisphere.com/breve-60170-Vignoble-de-Cognac-les-prix-a-lhectare-augmentent-pour-tous-les-crus.html

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