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Cognac price increase!

9 May 2011 No Comment

Cognac is currently very popular, especially among Asian-countries. The recent price increase with Cognac is less well known. Maybe the price increase has something to do with the French who drink less Cognac.

Thanks to information from an insider in the Cognac-world I can tell how many percent per hectolitre Cognac increased in value in comparing to one year (February 2011 compared to February 2010) ago.

These price changes at the source of the trade will automatically be influencing the prices of cognac available in the stores. Kind of like what we experience in the oil trading, and as individual consumers when we go to the gas station. No wonder cognac is called “liquid gold” sometimes.

Perhaps, some cognac Houses will compensate for these price increases by offering younger cognacs than their normal standards, that means the cognac ages of cognac in general may get closer to the minimum legal ages for VS, VSOP, or XO.

Some tips from CognacFans.com:

  1. stock now for later.
  2. check for changes in your favorite cognacs.
  3. watch out for “darker” young cognacs.

Differences per hectolitre:

VS quality, 2 years old eaux-de-vie: average (all types) increase of 19%.
VSOP quality, 4 years old eaux-de-vie: average increase of 14%.
XO quality, 6 years old eaux-de-vie: average increase of 9%.
Hors d’Age: average increase of 12%.

Hopefully, this increase will not have to much effect on prices of Cognac in the shops…

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