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Cognac keeps on rolling – 2.2 billion turnover

18 August 2012 No Comment

Cognac keeps on selling very well! Between August 2011 and July this year, the turnover generated by shipments of this unique Eaux-de-vie reached 2.2 billion euros, according to a statement released yesterday by the Bureau National interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).

During this period, 471 678 hectoliters of pure alcohol were sold, or 168.5 million bottles. This is an increase of 4,3% compared to 2010-2011. 

Other than volumes, is the fact that the value of the product increased dramatically, especially compared to the increase of volume.

  • The value of VS (2 years old eaux-de-vie) increased by 6% – increase of 3,1% in volume.
  • The value of VSOP (4 years old eaux-de-vie increased by 8.6% – increase of 3,4% in volume.
  • The value of XO (6 years old eaux-de-vie) jumped 22.9%  – increase of 10,9% in volume.

Some facts about the consumers of Cognac:

  • 61.8 million (increase of 9,9%!) bottles have been exported to the Far East (especially China and Japan) – which concentrates the main sales, the turnover exceeded the billion euros  for the first time.
  • The North American market continues with 51.8 million bottles sold, an increase of 1,9%.
  • In contrast, Europe represents a decline with a 1,5% drop in sales compared to last year (47.1 million bottles).

This year, the harvest may be delayed and take place in early October. Mildew and flavescence golden cast doubts on the volumes to be harvested.


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