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Cognac Links

Below a list of all cognac brands with their website.

Other Cognac-sites:

Alambic Charentais makers:

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  • karol said:

    Hello, i just want to tell you that 2 news store just open in france alla bout cognac . the nam eis COGNAC ONLY BOUTIQUE in la rochelle and in Bordeaux. Maybe you can help them and spel about it….


  • Jean-Luc said:


    Do you know there is an Inbound travel agency based in the heart of the Grande Champagne vineyards dedicated to Cognac tourism : visits, excursions, tastings to traditional distilleries, air balloon flights…

    This is http://www.cognac-tasting-tour.com

    Do not hesitate to contact for any query on the vineyards of cognac.

    The owner’s wife runs a luxury guest mansion near Segonzac, the capital city of Grande Champagne : http://www.relais-de-saint-preuil.com

    Ideal spot to discover cognac vineyards

    Have a nice tour there

  • Dustin S. said:

    A great brandy maker I would advise trying, and also adding to this list of links is Sarajishvili. They are located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. I have been to the distillery and believe their Eniseli brandy is the best I have ever tasted.


  • claude Lada said:

    “Cognac for connoisseur 2015” american version available now on Amazon US !

  • Jordan said:

    There is a 4 letter top level .ca domain name available in Canada for the alcoholic beverage industry, specifically, high-quality brandy, cognac and Armagnac.

  • Jordan said:

    The domain is “www.vsop.ca”

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