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Oak Barrels – The reason why Cognac is one of the finest drinks

21 May 2012 No Comment

Cognac is one of the finest drinks in the world and there certainly is no doubt about that. When sipping through this fine drink we often neglect to remember the pain staking process that goes through the making this fine drink.

Here at cognacfans.com, we have covered many different facets of cognac making and we will continue to do so. After all, the main goal of our blog is to educate people about this drink that has been around for centuries.

One of the main things that is required when making cognac or aging is a barrel. Barrel making is a tedious and laborious process and at times we all seem to ignore this fact. Today we are bringing you two videos which gives us a glimpse into the barrel making process. Although short clips, it should give you a picture of what goes into the making of a barrel and finally cognac. Followed by the barrel making videos are two other videos showing one of the oldest distillery and a master distiller at work in the Cognac region of France.

Barrel Making Videos

The two videos below show the painstaking process that goes through the making of a barrel in which cognac is stored for years.


The video below shows some more how cognac goes through distillation. Short but to the point!


The next video you are about to watch shows a master distiller at work in Cognac region. It shows the difference in color and other aspects of cognac. You can see from the video that cognac is one of the finest drink because each distiller is passionate about their work.

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