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Château Montifaud VS

31 May 2010 One Comment

Chateau Montifaud brings great cognacs on the market, the taste is full, the price is right and quality is excellent by using grapes from the Grande and Petite Champagne-region.

The Château Montifaud has belonged to the Vallet family for six generations now.
The vineyard was created in 1837 by Augustin and has seen the succession of Pierre, Maurice, Louis and Michel. Laurent came to join his father and grandfather in October 2000.

According to the family tradition, when a son joins his father, a part of the cognac distilled in that year is set preciously aside and will only be sold by the future generations.

Today, in the darkness of the“Paradise” cellar lie bottles of Cognac skilfully made by Pierre and Maurice Vallet.

The vineyard stretches over 75 hectares in the two premier regions of cognac area : In the “Grande” and “Petite Champagne” whose soil contains a very great amount of active limestone.

This chalky content plays a dominating role in quality of the Eaux de Vie (spirits, cognacs).

Thanks to this exceptional land, Château Montifaud possesses an extremely high potential for quality.

During each of the different phases of making the cognacs (producing, distilling, ageing), Château Montifaud apply the traditional craftsmanship and skill handed down from father to son.

These allow Château Montifaud to enhance the natural qualities of the Eaux de Vie : the floral touches, the delicacy and elegance to the nose, the roundness, the suppleness and the long-lasting taste in the mouth.

In order to bring out the traits of the cognacs, Château Montifaud propose the “Grande Champagne” and the “Petite Champagne” separately, each with its own qualities.

As well, Château Montifaud propose in vintage years, the showcase of their expertise.

Château Montifaud family cellars have also seen the ageing of cognacs that date from 1920 to the present day, part of which, in vintage years, has been sealed by the B.N.I.C (the National Interprofessional Office of Cognac).

The test bottle was purchased from Wineseller Hans Molenaar, located in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands (and not to be repeated, the staff there is very inhospitable!), Which sells Montifaud under its own label Payrault…

The tasting notes from the Château Montifaud VS are:

The colour: pale yellow.
The fragrance: a clear aroma of vine leaf and hints of tea. Light oak flavor.
The taste: fruity cognac with hints of pear and apple.
The after-taste: not aggressive and a soft, round long aftertaste.
Age: 4 to 5 years old, the first 8 months in new oak.
The origin: 100% Petite Champagne
Price: between 20 and 25 euro’s.
Price / quality ratio: 8! Excellent price/quality ratio!

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