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Chateau Beaulon – 7 ans Folle Blanche

14 May 2011 3 Comments

The Beaulon 7 ans Folle Blanche is a Cognac everybody should have in their drinking-cabinet!

This Cognac is made from a special grape, namely the Folle Blanche grape, till 1875 this grape was almost exclusively used for making Cognac, after the Phylloxera (1875) hit the Cognac-region, this variety is in the heavily minority. The use of 100% Folle Blanche grapes makes this Cognac very special in my eyes.

Folle Blanche grapes, produce a very acid wine. This makes them more suited to distillation than less acidic grapes. The taste of Cognac made from Folle Blanche grapes is much fuller of taste than cognacs made from the usually used Ugni Blanc grape.

Ninety hectares of unique Charente vineyards:

A deliberate and judicious choice of 9 grape varieties set the Chateau de Beaulon vineyards apart. Contrary to modern trends, Beaulon has remained faithful to the regions traditional 16th century vine stocks : Folle Blanche, Colombard and Montils for Cognac. Varieties which are delicate and fragile to grow but inimitable in taste and aroma.
In the cellars a winning combination of ancestral know-how and the very latest in modern technology.

Destillation and aging:

Distillation on light lees in small copper pot stills, “bouilleur de cru”.
Very long ageing in Limousin or Tronçais oak barrels, generally two to three times longer than legally required and even longer for the rarer quality products.


The tasting notes from the Chateau Beaulon – 7 ans Folle Blanche are:

The color: amber-gold.
The nose: Folle Blanche smells delicious, colorful, touch of geranium, candied orange, broom.
The taste: very fruity, raisin, soft, round, Folle Blanche notes (geranium, candied orange and broom),  perfectly balanced.
The after-taste: beautiful with a very long palate.
The origin: 100% Fins Bois, also a single estate (Single Estate Cognac)
The age: 7 years. Good for the title XO (minimum of 6 years).
Price: Euro 30+.
The price / quality ratio: beautiful must have Cognac! A 8.5.

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