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[30 Sep 2013]
Brenne Whisky – Made in Cognac

There is a third-generation master distiller trained in the traditional art of cognac distillation with a secret love affair for whisky, the result is a very elegant Single Malt Whisky called Brenne Whisky.
This limited-edition whisky is twice distilled in a copper alembic still from barley grown organically in the chalky-rich soil of the Fins Bois region.

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[5 Sep 2013 | 1 bericht | ]
Making of Camus Cognac – video’s

Camus made some beautiful video’s about their making of Cognac. Make sure you watch them in this post.
The first video is all about the harvest and destillation, the second video is about the aging and the third video is about the blending and creation. Enjoy!

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[3 Sep 2013 | 3 berichten | ]
Making of Louis XIII Baccarat decanter (video)

The making of the LOUIS XIII decanter by crystal-maker Baccarat is a traditional & genuine work of art in crystal. Watch the video below to see how the beautiful Louis XIII Baccarat decanters are being made.

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[2 Sep 2013]
Martell XO: Wings / Rise Above (video)

Revealed mid-January 2013 with an online event format of 90 seconds and a classic 30 second format on Chinese TV, the House of Martell celebrates visionary achievers in its new global communication campaign. The film “Rise Above” showcases people who find their wings and achieve their visions, and pays tribute to the emblem of the House, the swift, which is used as a metaphor to convey the idea that everyone has the capacity to elevate its talent and to inspire those around. Thus, the swift becomes the symbol of Martell’s …

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[22 Jun 2013]
Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.6 Video and HD Photo’s

The one hundred year journey is now approaching its glorious conclusion. The precious spirit that will be Louis XIII has entered its final phase of refinement, in the ancient casks that we call tierçons. The cellar master is watching for that moment when the spirit will touch its state of perfection.

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[21 Jun 2013 | 1 bericht | ]
Altia buys Larsen from Rémy Martin

Rémy Cointreau, which bought six months ago cognacs Larsen, has reached an agreement with the Altia Scandinavian group to use the brand. Altia has a turnover of € 110 million in 2012 with 1,100 employees. It already has the cognac brand Renault purchased from Pernord Ricard in 2010 and Grönstedts.  Altia is the leading Finnish spirits corporation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, where Larsen traditionally positioned itself as a key Cognac brand. According to “Les Echos”, the sale would be € 53 million.

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[19 Jun 2013]
Another Street Art Hennessy VS: Os Gemeos Limited Edition

Hennessy released of another artist-designed special edition bottle label. Following in the footsteps of KAWS and Futura, coveted São Paulo twin brothers artist duo Os Gêmeos teamed up with the world-renowned French cognac house to customize the bottle with their distinct Brazilian folklore-inspired graffiti art.

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[26 May 2013 | 1 bericht | ]
Want to write for CognacFans? We’re looking for a new writer!

Are you the next new member of the CognacFans team? We’re looking to add a new writer to our ranks, and if you’re it, we want to know. You are hopefully familiar with our style and already know that we write about Cognac and the Cognac industry obsessively, authoritatively and with a personal touch. Here’s what we’re after:
Daily news writer: This position will require a few hours per week to write and produce news posts. It is also possible to write Cognac Reviews, articles over a particular Cognac related subject or attend events …

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[21 Mar 2013]

A Fabienne Berthaud’s film for Hennessy Fine de Cognac is premiering on NOWNESS.com today. Set in the idyllic countryside of western France, director Fabienne Berthaud brings what she describes as her own brand of “cinematic magic realism” to this sensual take that mirrors the process behind the making and sipping of the cognac itself.

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[20 Jan 2013 | 4 berichten | ]
Grey Goose – Vodka Review

A Vodka review on Cognac Fans? What happend? Well… The origins of GREY GOOSE vodka lie in the Cognac region of France. For centuries the most respected experts in spirits distillation have practiced their craft in the region. Also, GREY GOOSE is named after the geese that have made Cognac their home and are celebrated in the region. The geese are a familiar sight in the center of Cognac where a flock regularly drinks from the fountain in front of the Hôtel de Ville.