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Do you want to know how Cognac is made or the regions where Cognac comes from? Check out this section!

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[13 May 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
Kosher Cognac – Complete list of Kosher Cognacs

Kosher Cognac is grape liquor produced according to Judaism’s religious law, specifically, Jewish dietary laws (kashrut).
To become considered as kosher, Sabbath-observant Jews must be involved in the entire winemaking process and any ingredients used, including finings, must be kosher. Cognac or wine that is described as “kosher for Passover” must have been kept free from contact with grain, bread and dough.

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[2 Feb 2012 | 6 berichten | ]
Beginner’s Guide To Drinking Cognac

Before we get into the procedure we need to know that “All cognac is brandy but not all brandy is cognac.” Brandy can be made from any fruit from any region but cognac is made only from grapes from the Cognac region in France.
There are several ways to drink cognac, personally I prefer to drink it neat at room temperature. Let’s get started with the guide!

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[2 Feb 2012 | 7 berichten | ]
Cognac is healthy

As you already know this blog is all things cognac and alcohol. We love to drink a fine cognac each day if possible.
Drinking every day doesn’t necessarily mean getting drunk, when alcohol is consumed in moderation it can help you live longer. It’s not a myth, numerous medical studies have supported the fact that drinking alcohol in moderation can indeed make you healthier and help you cure certain diseases. To stress the fact that drinking is ok but in moderation, we thought we would talk a bit about it.

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[29 Jan 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
How to store Cognac?

How do I store a cognac bottle?  In this article we will tell you the answer on this and some more questions!
Cognac does not age once bottled, unlike wine, which ripens further in the bottle, Cognac is an ‘dead-beverage’ because it’s high alcohol content, storing a bottle for 100 years will not make it any older, the contents will remain the same age as they were put in the bottle.

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[22 Jan 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
Cognac Vineyards, Cru’s, Grapes and distillation

The vineyards of the Cognac region cover 710,000 acres in the Charente and Charente Maritime départments, primarily between the middle and lower Charente basin.
The soils of this unique region are composed entirely of Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous limestone deposited by the sea during the Mesozoic Era.

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[21 Jan 2012]
Warming a Cognac in the Glass?

It is widely believed that it is correct to warm the Cognac contained in a balloon glass in the hollow of the hand. There is even an element of snobbery attaching to the procedure.
Professional tasters, while allowing everyone to drink his Brandy as he pleases, disapprove strongly this method.
It has, indeed, one serious disadvantage: the more superior it’s quality, the more strongly does the warmed brandy give off a powerful aroma which induces a real anesthesia of the faculties of taste and smell.

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[8 Dec 2011]

A. de Fussigny offers Cognacs from very different regions, such as the good valued Fussigny Selection, which comes from four regions or the Fussigny Superior which is a Fine Champagne Cognac.
Fussigny made an interesting tasting guide to show the differences between their Cognacs and the characteristics of the Cognac cru’s.

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[3 Dec 2011 | 2 berichten | ]
Making of Cognac – Distilling

Cognac, the most noblest type of brandy, is considered to be one of the finest, if not the finest, of the spirits.
It is made from white grapes grown in the Charante region of France, and is named after the town of Cognac in the French region of Charante. Cognac is some-times called “burnt wine” (from the Dutch word brandewijn because the wine is subjected to a double heating.

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[3 Dec 2011 | 1 bericht | ]
Cognac Regions

Cognac is the third largest area under vine in France and is composed of six subregions called in descending order of importance: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois, and Bois Ordinaires.
Each subregion has different soil types. Grapes from each of these subregions will contribute different aromas, weight and ageability to a Cognac.

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[4 Sep 2011]
Cognac Cocktail list

Mixing with Cognac can be delicious. In this post I place almost all Cognac based Cocktails available. Hope they are not to many for you…
Browse for a nice Cocktail, make it and enjoy!
Some great Cognacs/Brandies for mixing are: The Rémy Martin V, Pierre Ferrand 1840, Courvoisier Exclusif and the Meukow 90 proof.