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[30 Apr 2013 | 3 berichten | ]
Fine and Rare Cognac, Armagnac and Malt Whisky Auction at Dreweats 1759

Interesting and old Cognacs coming up for sale at the  Dreweats 1759 auction on the 9th May. Some very interesting old cognacs here, not the usual fare…
The Courvoisier l’Esprit (Lot 693) is one of the most interesting; youngest cognac in this blend is 80 years old and others up to 200 years old. We have no idea why it is so underrated when compared to the other premium offerings from the big houses?

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[9 May 2012 | 6 berichten | ]
For Sale: Louis XIII from 1963

Tom owns a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac, one of the most excellent Cognacs available, and is willing to sell the bottle!
This unopened bottle comes from 1963, and has the original box. The offered box and bottle are quite a rarity as we not regularly see these types. Especially the box is stunning with it’s design and fabric!

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[1 Apr 2012 | 12 berichten | ]
Rémy Martin Louis XIII Age Inconnu for sale!

A few weeks ago we received some photo’s of a rare Remy Martin Louis III Age Inconnu from the royal banquet in 1938 at Chateau Versailles. Today we received an identical Age Inconnu bottle which stated that it was being served in 1938 and in 1957. Looks like an newer version of the same quality…
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Name of bottle: Remy Martin & Co. Cognac Louis XIII Age Inconnu
Written on labels: …

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[15 Mar 2012 | 12 berichten | ]
For Sale: Richard Hennessy

Just for your information, an awesome Richard Hennessy bottle is for sale on Ebay. Have a look on the condition below.
This box is very rare because it was used temporary after launching the Hennessy Richard. The shape is different then the common “flat” green box. It’s not only the round shape of the box, but especially the inside of the box that makes this edition very unique. The inside is covered in lightgold looking satin. In the satin are dozens off little Hennessy logos printed. This makes it very rare …

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[13 Mar 2012 | 3 berichten | ]
Your Cognac: Camus La Grande Marque Porcelain Cognac Barrel

Here comes an beautiful Camus Porcelain / China drum shaped bottle, marked Camus Cognac “La Grande Marque”.
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