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Camus Limited Edition Vintages for the US

6 January 2012 No Comment

Camus Cognac introduced in the US a outstanding and unequaled range of eight  Limited Edition Certified Single Vintage Cognacs with the following years 1964, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1980, 1988, 1989 and the exclusive Pionneau 1969 Vintage.

The Pionneau 1969 Vintage is for many persons a very authentic product, Camus took over this iconic brand in the late 1960s.


Less than 5,000 bottles are produced of this Pionneau; each one numbered and signed by hand to guarantee authenticity, ensuring luxury for the true connoisseur.

The price range of these Cognacs are from $280 to $1,250, these elegant expressions reinforce Camus’ unceasing quest for perfection, while maintaining the high quality and distinct flavor profile the House is known for. All these LE Cognacs are bottled straight from cask in limited and numbered series.

Tasting notes of these Cognacs:

Pionneau 1969 (SRP: $1,250)
The Pionneau 1969 Vintage is very special. Michel Camus made a promise to Jacques Pionneau on the occasion of the Company takeover in 1969: “Offer exceptional Cognacs under Pionneau name or offer nothing at all.” The name of Pionneau has since remained synonymous with excellence, making this rare expression extremely desirable. The finesse of the Cognac is due to the exceptional concentration and preservation of very strong aromas, with palate notes of candied plums and blackcurrant.

Camus Vintage 1964 (SRP: $750)
This unique and rare vintage from the Petite Champagne region has a superb and smooth first impression, with a delicate and silky finish typical of the region. There are only three cases of the CAMUS 1964 Vintage Cognac still in existence, evidencing this particular Cognac’s true allure.

Camus Vintage 1970 (SRP: $630)
An exceptional combination of weather in 1970 created superb grapes of perfect ripeness that led to this outstanding Cognac. This vintage is characterized by its deep amber color, accompanied by an ample and generous nose with traces of blackcurrant and lime.

Camus Vintage 1971 (SRP: $590)
This Grande Champagne growth features subtle scents of licorice and jasmine and has a thick and smooth palate with a round, silky finish. This region produced the strongest wines of the year, as they benefitted the most from the exceptionally sunny weather.

Camus Vintage 1974 (SRP: $470)
The CAMUS 1974 Vintage Cognac has a distinct aroma of wood; a characteristic complemented by a palate consisting of a pleasant mix of spices and crystallized fruits. The great complexity of this unique Cognac can be attributed to its origins in Petite Champagne, bordering the Grande Champagne and Fins Bois regions.

Camus Vintage 1980 (SRP: $380)
The year 1980 saw one of the smallest crops ever known in the Cognac region. The vineyards suffered from the cold from start to finish, even suffering a frost at harvest time which almost killed an already limited crop. This tough and unusual context makes the Camus 1980 Vintage Cognac from Grande Champagne a most unusual and rare one. The aromas of this vintage boast delicate hints of citrus, tobacco, and cinnamon; and the palate is long and powerful, dominated by hazelnut and apricot, ending with a surprise of gingerbread.

Camus Vintage 1988 (SRP: $320)
The weather in 1988 was not ideal, with a very wet winter and heavy rains that delayed the flowering of the vines in the region of Petite Champagne. Fortunately the latter part of summer was very dry, which brought the grapes to ripeness just in time, giving wine with 9.6% alcohol. This light and elegant vintage possesses the ideal balance between fruit and acidity; with slightly peppery and lemony aromas as well as a subtle scent of dried flowers.

Camus 1989 (SRP: $280)
Because this was a particularly sunny year in Cognac, the harvest took place one month early; something which had not happened in this region since 1949. The Camus 1989 Vintage Cognac is a blend of two complementary Cognacs from the Petite Champagne area, one chosen for its remarkable aromas and the other for its distinctive roundness. It features an exceptional smoothness for a Cognac of its age; characterized by fresh and floral aromas, embodying a delicate palate with slight traces of vanilla and plum.

Source: Nightclub and Bar

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