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Camus 1940 Vintage Bons Bois Cognac

3 March 2012 One Comment

Camus just launched the Rarissimes Bons Bois Vintage 1940, this Cognac is very exceptional as Bons Bois normally won’t age much longer than 20-30 years. Also the Bons Bois region isn’t used much for producing Cognac. In general, the Bons Bois taste is: light, pleasant with a touch of earthiness.

According the House of Camus, this Camus Rarissimes Cru Bons Bois vintage 1940 is one of the oldest vintages officially recognised in the Cognac AOC.



The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac places strict rules on vintage cognacs, including a requirement for the presence of a bailiff during the bottling process; as a result, very few fully certified vintage cognacs exist, making them even rarer…

The date of distillation was certified by the authorities back in 1940. Waxseals were placed on the bung in the barrel, removing all possibility of fraudulent intervention and thereby guaranteeing the origin and authenticity of the Cognac. It has remained under legal surveillance for its life, up to the bottling carried out under the bailiff’s supervision. After verifying the Cognac’s traceability and confirming it with carbon-14 dating, French government authorities have agreed that it may be classed as a true vintage Cognac.

The rarity of the 1940 vintage is boosted by the unusual dominance of the Colombard grape, and its distillation in a tiny 400-litre alembic – said to be a very specific and uncommon size at the time.

It is also the first of the House’s Rarissimes vintages to be bottled in a Baccarat Crystal decanter and presented in a wooden casket with a golden metal closure – a symbol of the ‘Gates of Paradise’ which guard the entrance to the cellar housing the oldest cognacs of the Camus family.

This is a limited edition of just 280 Baccarat Crystal decanters.

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